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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. bhima
    Lucky Bag landed. Decent for $10 with a microphone. Tuning is a bit too warm and unbalanced in the mid-bass region. Sorta like a PortaPro but without the soundstage of a PortaPro. I like them better than my Willsound PKs that just collect dust, and I will definitely use them while driving because of the mic. I don't think they are anything truly special, but then again, it was under $10. Retail these should be no more than $20. Clie says $30 is where the sound is at and I'm not sure I agree with this. I think the NiceHK graphenes sound better for sure and they were cheaper than $30.
  2. mbwilson111
    Have you burned them in yet and are you using foams. To me they sound much better than what you are describing so I am just curious. As for driving with earbuds, please do not do this.... for your own safety and the safety of others. In many places that would actually be illegal.

    I think they are kind of special:)
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
  3. snowmind
    Yes, they are excellent and we already have an idea. I always thank our friends. In Willber's case, he has several other earbuds, including the ME80, and confided that the B40 is the winner, but did not make a direct comparison as it appeared on this page - so i politely placed the order.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
  4. mbwilson111
    Have you seen how many those other guys have? :)

    Some of us have everything listed in our profiles but I have noticed that many people do not look.

    Also there seem to be a few people who do not fill out the information, or have not ticked whatever box needs to be ticked (or maybe unticked) to allow us to see the information. I tried to look a certain users profile today and got the message "this member limits who can can read their profile" ...something like that.
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  5. bhima
    Have not really burned them in. Doubtful their sound signature will change, nor will nuance details. I use the thin foams that I ordered from Aliexpress as they are my favorite foams. I tested with the included foams, but they were too thick and veiled the highs too much imo. The thin foams helped, but the sound signature is too warm and dull. At least it isn't sibilant! I'll burn them in anyways... its also possible that my brain has been attuned to my Shozy BK's as they are used the most at work.

    As for driving with ear buds: I can hear everything around me with ear buds like this. Also, I drive an old Honda Civic that is no where near as well sealed as a new car. Dunno if you've been in a new BMW or Tesla, but I'd have to use active noise cancelling headphones to hear as little in the cabin as those cars without any headphones.

    EDIT: The sound is getting brighter if I wear these over the ear--airier less resonant. Much more balanced now. The one con of earbuds in general is just how finnicky they can be due to fit :wink: Will report back after a week or two of more usage and see if burn-in is a thing for these.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
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  6. Narayan23
    I have to disagree, just received mine today (no mic) and out of the box to me they sound better than the "Old" graphenes which have recessed mids in comparison, and on first comparison with the SR2 16 Ohm the B40 have much better resolution, they almost make the SR2 sound transistor radio like. For the money spent an absolute gem, for double the money spent also an absolute gem and an easy recommendation, I´m really glad I bought these.
  7. bhima
    I'm coming around to this conclusion as well, but only when I wear them over the ear. The mid-bass isn't resonant anymore so that dulling of the lower treble is gone... they are airier now and the treble isn't recessed anymore either. Also the soundstage got bigger. They are closing in on being the most natural of my earbuds except for the Shozy BKs--Yincrows might edge them out ever so slightly, but I prefer these as I can't fit the Yincrows into my ears at all. Initial impressions were not great due to foams/fit. A problem I didn't have with the BKs but am aware of these problems because so many other buds I have are just more finnicky (Yincrows ESPECIALLY).
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  8. ounwx
    Appreciate this type of description a ton, and wish it were a bit more prevalent in this thread when people talk about receiving new buds. Based on "recessed and not airy" highs, I feel comfortable passing on the B40!
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  9. DBaldock9
    I was listening to some Jazz (on YouTube) this morning, with my ME80 earbuds (donut foams) connected to the 3.5mm TRS output on my Walnut F2 (OPA627 op-amps), operating as a USB DAC - and agree that they've got a wide "wall of sound" Sound Stage.
    For $10, I think they do sound good, but I believe that the RYGMR RY4S (UE cable) may have better detail retrieval and overall clarity of instrument positioning - for about the same price.
  10. Veyska
    Don't s'pose anyone's got that pair of silicone covers that come with the Smabat-10 lying around gathering dust they'd be willing to sell cheap? <-< Found a couple listings on AE (I gave up on getting anything other than IEM tips and airpod stuff on eBay or Amazon) but if I can save a couple bucks and a few weeks... :p Single foam/donut fits pretty decently (haven't had a chance to try it out on a walk yet though) and foam+donut on top is even snugger and more stable... but becomes uncomfortable and warm after 2-3 songs, fairly consistently.
  11. phthora
    For real! The worst is then getting asked what gear you have (instead of them actually looking at the profile). Ugh. It's often extremely helpful to be able to see that information and I'm always disappointed when it's left blank. But, I think most people do a signature line at most.

    Personally, I think @mbwilson111 @HungryPanda and @DBaldock9 have the most impressive and thorough profiles I've ever seen! I'm sure I'm not alone in saying, I really appreciate all that work!
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  12. waynes world
    I misplaced my SR2's but have found them. They probably only have 20 of the prerequisite 1000 hours of burn in on them lol, but I'm listening to them versus the B40's. The B40's are great, but to be honest, the SR2's seem more engaging to me - I can't believe they are going to improve even more with more hours on them.

    I'll be interested in your thoughts!

    p.s. it's fun having great "new kid on the block" budget buds like the B40's incoming to stir things up!
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  13. ClieOS Contributor

    Smabat M1 Pro officially announced and taking presale order. Price is about US$56 or so, ETA is Sept. 15th.
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  14. Mhog55
    These look really nice.
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  15. Mhog55
    1000 hours of burn in?!

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