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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. assassin10000
    A couple more measurements and a shape comparison.

    15.9mm EBX (17.70mm wide/thick)
    16.8mm Smabat ST-10 (16.60mm wide/thick)



    Top: 16.8mm ST-10, 15.9mm EBX & 15.75mm ACG
    Bottom: 16.8mm MX500 & 16.1mm PK shell
  2. TheoS53
    Yeah i was supposed to have both of those by now already, but thanks to my little AE incident I'm gonna have to wait for my refunds to be processed and then I'll place an order (including those buds) from a different seller(s). But I'm glad to hear that the RW-9 is at least somewhat considered as a bit of an upgrade over the RY4S
  3. fairx
    My rw-9 order also have few hiccups here using local online store that source to China seller. Seems my choice of color not in stock and didn't realize they send me message to change color. But then red back in store and all good. Maybe delay 2-3 days. I should enjoy listening to rw-9 right now if not for the stock problem. Local online store usually ship faster than AE because they have their own warehouse in China.

    Just now someone ask me in PM about old topic of all rounder earbud. Although I don't have many earbud as others here I'd like to mention that nowadays I've been using Docomo (long stem) as my daily earbud wether watching Anime / movies or listening to music. In some way it's even more balance than anything else I own, sibilance free except when it's in the song and most important, doesn't sound thin at all even without foam. They sound just right. Can stand higher volume, very open sounding and holographic vocal with many good recordings. They also excel in Japanese recordings the only weakness is early roll in bass starting around 100hz. But whatever it can reproduce it will reproduce brilliantly.

    Edit. Its quite detailed but not micro detail level.

    Very hard to get if you're outside South East Asia I believe

    Last edited: Apr 21, 2019
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  4. doldoy

    Can Qian69 be considered allrounder ? I heard some people said it's strong in vocal (mid?) side.
  5. alias71
    Interesting... Also the Smabat ST-10 I received 3 days ago has a loose MMCX connector on the right earbud with sound that cuts off at any movement of the cable.
    Sound is OK though. Patricia Barber (my favorite female Jazz singer) has a nice and natural voice.
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  6. Marcos Fontana
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  7. LetheFB
    Hi mates

    I have pulled the triger and bought a smabat st-10. I am impressed from the first listen, but when i have changed the stock cable(actually, whenever i change the cable) sound dissappears for a short time when i handle the earphone to sit it better to my ears. I think that the connector is loose on both sides. Do you have such an experience like me?
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  8. alias71
    Just two posts above yours!
  9. sareer007
    Can anyone compare sabia with diy sr2 ?
  10. ClieOS Contributor
    Does it happens to both stock and aftemarket cable or just the aftermarket cable? If it is the later then it is not a loose socket but more likely an incompatibility between the cable's mmcx plug and the socket, i.e. difference in tolerance.
  11. Marcos Fontana
    My Sabia was stolen with my ES100 and some other stuff like my notebook. From memory, it had more mid bass (the amount that I really appreciate) and sounds more natural than sr2 (parhaps I need to burn in it more) for me. It was one of my favorite earbuds. The sound signature is really fun and addictive.
  12. mbwilson111
    I think it was recommended we burn the SR2 in for 100 - 200 hours. I think I did.
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  13. darmanastartes
    Qian69 are my favorite of the three earbuds I have (Qian69, Monk Espresso, Nicehck EB2), but I wouldn't call them vocal-focused, they sound very V-shaped to me.
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  14. Marcos Fontana
    @mbwilson111 Do you enjoy SR2 more than the Sabia? I really need to burn the SR2(I lost the control of my todo list). I'm thinking in buying that amplifier with multiple ports so I can burn in multiple earbuds.
  15. Marcos Fontana
    I agree with you. For me, balanced earbuds needs to have a good amount of bass but not too much (vido is awesome, but for short period of time or some genres with less bass). The earbuds for me need to sound like headphones and Qian69 do it a quite well for it price.

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