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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. seanc6441

    How is the ST-10 in the bass department. Does it reach deep and does it have impact/punch?

    You liked the K's LBB and I agree that it has excellent qualities in the mids and treble for that price range, but the bass was just disappointing for me. Especially for a K's product. Wondering if the ST-10 has more presence than the LBB and if it can come close to the Willsound MK2 (slightly less is ok since that's got powerful bass).
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  2. hungphi93
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  3. hungphi93
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  4. seanc6441
    Aliexpress don't, some sellers do.

    Some are authentic deals and some are deceptive. That's why you should use a price checker to see price history. Google search for one, it helps to make informed purchases during the sale.
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  5. Zerohour88
    my wallet thanks you for that, lol.

    was thinking about it since there's the nicehck discount for it (from EA fb page) plus the ali voucher. Recently dropped my EBX and the shell came off, so looking for an excuse to upgrade. Gonna just glue it back on and wait for a more significant model release.
  6. Makahl
    This post is really good. This foam mod made my custom vido sounds meh to "oh it's good". Thanks!
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  7. exavolt
    Mid is relatively clear but laid back. Personally I feel that the mids are dominated by the bass on some tracks, but my preference is neutralish-bright.

    EB2 overall is very similar to the EBX. It has less refined tuning and has noticable dip in the mids. Sub bass is also light.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
  8. exavolt
    I think this one is unlike the previous sale pre-order (i.e., 11.11 sale). This one is off-system pre-order for gathering some hype, coincidence with the anniversary sale. The $132 price tag is most likely the marked-up price with the normal price I would expect somewhere between $84 and $132. For $84, it is still more expensive than AVCCK's lowest, but their's are now gone.

    In case anyone else interested, use the usual trick to get price adjusted. Just mention you've got the info from this thread. Edit: I suggest not to apply any coupons as they won't affect the final price.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
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  9. HungryPanda
  10. waynes world
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  11. exavolt
    How's that Sony? Is the concept working? I assume that the bass is rolled-off to the point of no sub-bass.
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  12. activatorfly
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  13. Marcos Fontana
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  14. ClieOS Contributor
    Note that LBB or the Titanium Bell series are meant to be used with normal (non-thin) foam pad as they are tuned with foam in mind (*the maker even suggest double foam for those really want to get a solid low end). But you are right, they are not as bass-happy as their older siblings. ST-10's bass on the other hand is fairly neutral in quantity, but reaches down really deep. It has some of the cleanest deep bass I have ever heard on any earbuds, but it won't make any bass head smile as it is not really bass banging type of situation.

    This STH40D is actually quite decent overall. The fit is nice as it almost 'disappear' once you put it on and the SQ is decent enough for daily use, more of a lower-mid to mid-tier overall. For the main purpose of able to listen to the surrounding and music at the same time, I'll call this a win. This is far better than Ambie's (which is also a Sony spin-off) design on both ergonomics and SQ.
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  15. hungphi93

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