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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. DBaldock9
    This morning, I've been listening to my set of Wong Kuan Wae modified Vido, connected to the iBasso PB2 (w/Sparkos SS3602 op-amps).
    EDIT: In the PB2, there are 4x 0-Ohm Adapters installed, rather than Buffers - between the Volume Control and the SS3602 op-amps.
    Left Case - came with PB2 (from the Left) -
    Column 1 = 4x LME49710NA (1-Channel Op-Amp)
    Column 2 = 4x OPA604AP (1-Channel Op-Amp)
    Column 3 = 4x AD797AR (1-Channel Op-Amp / Buffer)
    Column 4 = 4x BUF634P (1-Channel Buffer, Class A Bias)
    Column 5 = 4x BUF634U (1-Channel Buffer)
    Right Case - some of my Op-Amps (from the Left) -
    1x Sparkos SS3602 (2-Channel Discrete Op-Amp)
    2x MUSES02 (2-Channel Op-Amp)
    2x OPA627AU (Dual 1-Channel Op-Amps)
    2x Burson V5i-D (2-Channel Op-Amp)
    2x OPA1622 (2-Channel Op-Amp)
    2x LME49720HA (2-Channel Op-Amp)
    3x Burson V6 Classic (2-Channel Discrete Op-Amp)

    EDIT: Fixed typo on the OPA604 line.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
  2. Dabbaranks
    I really wanna hear some burson op-amps in the future, also those two beige looking cases look sweet!

    After @HungryPanda posted the RY4Cs I grabbed a few for friends but also saw the RY4S for under 5 dollars Canadian so also grabbed a few to give out. I couldn’t resist and kept one of each for myself.


    I’m very impressed with the cable quality and sound of both for the price. However I can’t stop listening to the RY4S, it sounds very spacious and gives me a very good idea of instrument placement, I think the mids being a bit recessed adds to this separation. The bass hits a bit harder than the RY4C and although it is less engaging and forward, it’s just a joy to listen to. If I’m not too busy listening to music with these I’ll bet they make a good gaming set too.

    My friends and family are gonna enjoy these! Thanks for the rec HP.
  3. HungryPanda
    Glad you like them, happy listening
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  4. DBaldock9
  5. mbwilson111
    It is amazing what a few dollars can get you in the bud world.

    I have a little family of RY buds that live together in one case...

    The RY04 is metal and has a cool looking cable. One of the first buds I got but I might be the only one who likes it.

    R0014433.JPG R0014434.JPG
  6. DynamicEars
    so what is the real good value budget earbud for starter?

    I just want to retry listening to earbud, I never listen to a good one sadly. Just ordered the vido, any other suggestions? i prefer balanced, with good bass but not muddy, clear and a bit forward mids, not tiring highs, great soundstage if not asking too much :astonished:

    Im coming from iem, sony EX1000, EX800ST, EX600, Z5, MH750, MH755, moondrop kanas pro, tin audio T2, bqeyz, so many KZs and other budget chifi iems
  7. root13
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  8. seanc6441
    Vido is a good start but don't forget it's a $3 earbud. Bass is strong, mids and a little recessed as is parts of the treble, bit uneven FR on some units. Modest soundstage, a little hazy imaging. I'm being critical but for the price its excellent, but doesnt match some more expensive products IMO.

    Other cheap but good earbuds include:

    RY4S UE (average but not great staging in stock form sadly)
    Yincrow RW-9 (dunno never heard it but its the newest in the yincrow line up and highly praised)
    Kube (good staging, potentially amazing staging with mods)
    Emx500 (Wide spacious staging, maybe the best soundstage in budget earbuds)

    Next step is Willsound mk2, the best all rounder under $50? One of the best under $100. I think so anyway. Very good soundstage, very balanced. Neutral treble and punchy well extended bass. Slightly low mid dip, but middle mids are forward so vocals dont sound distant, just not overly full.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2019
  9. DynamicEars
    Thank you for being critical and honest, that is what i need buddy..

    will keep an eye on those while waiting for my vido arrived! Any other suggestions will much appreciated

    Edited : how about buds coming from moondrop like shiro yuki (their entry level) or nameless? And from sfr pt15 or 25? Are they good or willsound mk2 is better?
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2019
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  10. mbwilson111
    The photos certainly look like the real deal... great find. Of course as an add on item someone cannot just buy it alone. Be sure to keep the wooden block. Turn it over and you will see it is a phone stand... or you can lay a pen in the groove.
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  11. snip3r77
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  12. Bartig
    Ok ok, So I'm convinced to tryout earbuds once again after the to me disappointing VE Monk Lite (too crowded in fuller songs). Is there a model I should directly remove from this short list?

    54168372-2056-4537-9BE1-F9FA2C23343D.jpeg F8A3137C-ED1D-4B7B-84DB-8F48BF96256C.jpeg
  13. exavolt
    Seconding Sean, go get RY4S (or try their cheaper variant; but better avoid RY04) too. It's a bit bright, kinda MH755's bright but smoother, and has less sub-bass.

    Or, just get a bunch of them. I think you can get some good buds for $50. I'd add Snow Lotus 1.0(+) too but it's a bit dark.
  14. Marcos Fontana
    Don't forget the QianYum Qian69,
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  15. exavolt
    You just need to hit the 'Buy' button :wink:

    Also, people here are generally recommending the UE-cabled RY4S (the third and fourth 'color').
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