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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Chris674
    I'd say the Kube 1 was definitely worth it. I meant to contact the seller about combining shipping when I ordered the Sabia but I didn't want to wait so I jumped. Maybe I'll try to combine for a Kube 2 later.
    BTW, I feel dumb. I turned those E808+ inward and they sound totally different. Never even thought about that being why they have that asymmetrical design. Duh!
  2. Willber
    Yeah, I like the shape, I can get a good fit. Very comfortable.
  3. palestofwhite
    Couldn't get the Pearl in fixed silver cable, so ordered 2 pcs of Kube1 instead...
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  4. j4100
    AkashS04 / Sweetears, anyone? :)
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  5. subwoof3r
    Are the Kube1/2 easy to open ? (unglued?)
    I literally scratched (once again?) one side of my Snow Lotus 1.0+ trying to open it to mod them :frowning2: I gave up to still get a working unit.
    I begin to be really tired of those brands who glue like hell the drivers on the shells, and which is completely useless. Damn..
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  6. letlive
    Same here. I only buy buds with mics. Just get the Sabia V6 from here (Standard Version) and you will be happy. Never had a better bud with mic.
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  7. Willber
    Ha ha, I had the same thought! I went through something similar with the former.
    Benefit of the doubt, but I'll just observe from now on.
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  8. Sgt. Ear Ache
    you mic guys should seriously look into something like the fiio BTR1K. such an awesome little device for about $50.
  9. palestofwhite
    Seems like the listing for Kube V1 has been taken down. Wonder if they're really all sold out, since I saw stocks available for other colours after I bought the last 2 pieces of black.
  10. Willber
    There is something strange going on.
    Last night a link to the ebay advert was posted here:

    When I clicked on it the price was shown as $10. I checked the advert via my previous order and that still showed as $8. Now last night's advert has been withdrawn and the original is showing as sold out.
    I think the advert will be re-listed at $10. I'm only guessing but I presume the seller has seen how popular they are on this thread and has upped the price. We shall see.
  11. palestofwhite
    I bought them at $10 each with $10 combined shipping, which works out to a total of $30. I wouldn't be surprised if someone actually bought up all of the remaining stock.

    My Moondrop Liebesleid was also purchased from the same seller and it's still in transit. I guess it'll be quite a while before a receive anything at this rate...

    EDIT: Apparently the seller told me I could change out one of the Kube V1 for the Pearl. I did so and topped up the price difference, and now I'll have one of each coming my way tomorrow.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
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  12. Willber
    That's a possibility.
  13. fairx
    Anybody have kube v1 & v2 pics for comparison? I'm looking for some in local store.

    Or did I missed pics anywhere in the thread?
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  14. Willber
    Kube v1 (standard MX500 shell)


    Kube v2

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  15. fairx
    Thanks a bunch. Seems the stock already out on local store (the non mx500 shell) Will look somewhere else.
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