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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Chris674
    Speaking of those Sony E808+. I bought some about two months ago. I am convinced I got some fakes. They are awful. I keep trying them out to see if I'm just mishearing but they are NOT enjoyable. That onviously isn't your view of them.
  2. waynes world
    LOL! Since there are so many good buds coming out all of the time, I think there's a few idiots out there!

    (*cough* not me of course *cough*)
  3. Willber
    No, they are one of my oldies that I still use occasionally, I like them a lot. They do benefit from a fair bit of burning IME but I have heard that there are fakes out there.
  4. Willber
    Yeah, they should rename this forum to Nutters United or something. :wink:
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  5. Carrow
    So where would I get these, and which version? :)
  6. Ira Delphic
    The only thing holding me back on the Kube is the price of the earbud is the same as the price of the shipping. I know this makes no sense because the overall value has to be considered. Spoiled by the cheap shipping from China!
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  7. MelodyMood
    No MIC is deal breaker for me actually. Let me see if I should go for EMX500S or Hi-Z 32S. Anyone has any link to TY Hi-Z HP 32S and also if any idea if this is wit Mic? PLs share the link if you have. Thanks.
  8. Willber
    I feel the same. Perhaps I can negotiate a v2 and a spare v1 in one shipment...

    Having said that, the v1 is well worth the total cost compared to others I have bought.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
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  9. Willber
    Did you read that review I posted?
  10. mbwilson111
    The silver cable version has no mic...which is why we wanted it. Out of stock anyway.

    This is why some of us are recommending the Sabia V6... because the standard black cable version has a mic.
    In stock last time I looked.

    Also, Willber has been trying to help you. You are starting to overthink everything.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
  11. nick n
    Oh no ,stuck from option and information overkill it seems :)
    If you think this place is bad for figuring out earbuds try figuring out fullsized stereo separate components ( deliberated for close to a year there )

    =here are a couple impressions for you from GREQ who BTW has excellent ears.
    plus a chart.
    BTW VIDO mentioned there too. White with mic on fleabay, which is likely one of your better options considering what you described for preference unless I misread that.
    Don't let the price fool you, they are no slouches to use that term again.
    They get me moving around anyways.
    if you do find them cheaper elsewhere be sure you get the regular "y" cable and not the "j" offset longer side cable, think some reported that.



    Using the advanced search = the MORE button = in the top right of your screen can narrow things down even more for you on whatever you are looking into.
    Faster and more direct ( I hope ) impression posts.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
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  12. chellity
    You can get them right here!


    He has both version 1 and 2 available at his store., the version 1 is apparently lauded here but the version 2 is even bassier and darker like you want.

    As for me, i'm having a hard time resisting getting some mmcx sabias! The mic version I had absolutely blew me away, and easily sounded better than my version one willsounds mk2, and probably better than my ty 150s that were my favorite before.

    I can only imagine how some mmcx sabias would sound, with my choice of cable! I tried out the tin audio t2, and I liked it, but IEMs just feel too invasive and isolating for daily use for me...I like being able to hear my dog or anyone else if they need something. so I have a nice 6 core copper mmcx cable waiting here, doing nothing :)

    Since I returned the tin audios, I guess I can spoil myself with some mmcx sabias and maybe some kubes? :)
  13. MelodyMood
    Yes. Gone through it. Earbuds looks ok but by build and vented back, I am putting it on less priority than others.
  14. MelodyMood
    Thanks. Let me have a look at Sabia V6 too. Cannot see it on Aliexpress actually.
  15. MelodyMood
    Any link to Sabia V6 with Mic and also TY Hi-Z 32S (Red cable one) with mic?

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