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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. MelodyMood
    Thanks Brother. Let me have a look at that. I wish Monk+ add some more bass. It almost lacks it actually.
  2. Willber
    Is there any particular reason you want high impedance?
  3. MelodyMood
    I guess not many options are there for my taste. 1st is budget which I don't want too expensive but up to $15-20; 2nd, good bass and warm sound; 3rd smooth but clear treble and last and important is with Mic :|

    I already have or tried these: Monk+, Yincrow X6, TP16, Edifier P180 and Wooeasy DIY EMX500. Need one step ahead earbud but cannot spend too much like you people.
  4. Willber
    I'm sticking to my recommendation I gave in response to your first post:
  5. RobinFood
    I have a monk plus and don't feel it responds well to eq at the top or bottom.

    Honestly, it sounds like you mighy enjoy the toneking to200 with an mmcx cable that has a mic. It would be twice your budget though.
  6. CasstardPie
    Anyone have a BlackBud from Bisoy Siosan? Looks really good! I wanted to get one but he's got a lot of orders so I gotta wait
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  7. seanc6441
    Mk2 mmcx and a separate mic cable is what you're after, but you will need to stretch you budget a lot for it (as the shipping is more pricy from Willsound than on aliexpress)
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  8. Willber
    The MS16 I recommended is $6.
    The Sabia also recommended is $10.
    There is no need to go over budget IMO.
  9. Dabbaranks
    If you’re thinking of getting the mmcx version from the kube seller on eBay, he told me mmcx version comes with a cable with a mic. I was also thinking of the mmcx vers so this made it an easy decision for me to just get the silver plated vers and some kube v2s, I still haven’t gotten my kube v1s I ordered though :p

    Also I asked if I could just get the mmcx vers without a cable and that’s a no for now.
  10. MelodyMood
  11. palestofwhite
    I must have misread the item descriptions and that makes the fixed cable version of the Pearl a no-brainer actually.

    Unfortunately the seller couldn't give me a comparison between the Pearl and Willsound MK2, for me to make a decision.

    I'm actually looking at either the MK2 or MK150 of the Willsound with MMCX and thought maybe the Pearl came about the right timing...
  12. palestofwhite
    I too think that this is will be the safest choice, if the budget can be stretched.
  13. Dabbaranks
    Haha we’re looking at the same stuff, I was told by Adhi from willsound I couldn’t order the mk150. Not sure if it’s just mmcx (what I asked) or not so better ask yourself for confirmation.

    I have mk2’s with the vjc cable and they are amazing never feels lacking in the bass, however I don’t have sabias or heard them yet so can’t provide a comparison. But you really can’t go wrong with the mk2s.

    Currently trying to get the mk1s mmcx with vjc cable whenever they get back to me though.
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  14. palestofwhite
    I've had the MK2 before and thought of trying maybe the MK150. I guess maybe he ran out of parts, but MMCX for MK150 is possible.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019

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