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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. j4100
    Yeah, that's the ones I have. You're right, although it's fine plugged into my amp, it would be a bit odd with an adapter.
  2. mbwilson111
    If that is the case, I should mention that the DP100 is more comfortable to me with its smaller shell. The Yincrow X6 uses a Monk type shell. I have not used mine in awhile...I should.
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  3. Willber
    Yes, that's true.
  4. j4100
    Tempted by the QLabs Athena. Also noticed the Willsound PK32 is back on sale. Also tempted.
  5. mochill
    Where to get JVC
  6. DBaldock9
    I noticed some shells (wooden) & drivers from Chitty's Store on AliExpress, that are listed as 14.2mm, which is smaller than the 14.8mm PK shells.
    This might interest @HungryPanda
  7. Carrow
    My Elibuds Sabia V6 arrived today - I thought I knew what thin foams felt like but I tried to get the four red foams on and they all ripped if I so much as breathed on them, good god. Hiegi foams it is, I think.
  8. DBaldock9
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  9. mochill
    I am already on my way to ordering the JVC earbuds
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  10. calico88
    can anyone recommend balance high Impedance for Zishan ak4497eq ?
  11. antdroid
    I just in the PMV B01 AOEDE from Penon. They shipped a Penon Audio Scarf with my package of new toys! It's actually a decent quality scarf too :)

    Anyway, only have listened to this PMV model for a little bit, but its treble extension and clarity is very good for $30. The mids sound nice and warm. The bass is very lean and fast and rolls off pretty early but sounds clean and won't be disturbing your mids at all.
    Build quality is mostly great, though the first time I pulled the 3.5mm connector out, the cap on it came unglued and popped off. A little superglue should fix this pretty easily.
  12. NymPHONOmaniac
    Its late but I take an hour to fastly share my ultimate love about TINGO TG-38S (or more like EMX985). Perhaps it already became know by more peps, but for me its the best sub 10$ all arounder earbud. A MUST have. No BS. As always...
    sorry for bad pictures but I need to share this thing so its impulsive.

    I just say BUY IT SHARE IT LOVE IT in fact....
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  13. nhlean96
    The only downside of these is they're shocking, electrically and emotionally :D
  14. gazzington
    Hi. Need some advice. Just had some birthday money. What would be great totl earbuds for a black/death/doom metal listener? I can spend up to £350.
  15. subwoof3r
    Sadly, I don't have the same thinking :frowning2:
    I remember well those TINGO TG-38S, they were my first ever "audiophile" budget earbuds and I wasn't happy with them at all, I really didn't enjoyed the sound overall: bass anemic, thin soundstage, not much details, only the mids were just ok (far from perfect), definitely it was designed for vocals first and piano, but nothing else (or my pair had serious issues).
    If I remember well, I wasn't alone to think the same on a french audiophile board (isn't it @DarkZenith ? :) )
    But the build quality was good for the price, this was my only pros to them.

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