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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. mbwilson111
    I plan to find out:)
  2. waynes world
    I hope I don't have to eat my Hawks after that statement!
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  3. nick n
    ^ probably not.
    Had them on for a walk just now again.
    With the same clips as waynesworld linked there was no dislodging at all.
    Clipped right above the y-split spot.
    Normally due to the ribbon cable they would at times dislodge, so problem fixed.
    Thanks for making me buy some btw.
    I don't have massive ears , so with first wedging the Kube2 under the upper ear ridge then on the lobes it was directionally perfect for firing the sound in.

    Large bass. ( not "earbud large", but regular large if that makes sense.)
    I have not experimented with thinner foams yet. nor donuts. Donuts might be neat to try out.
    I forget what wayneworld has tried as far as various foams, and how it affects the sound.
    Anyhow time will tell when others get in on the testing.

    BTW these clips are cheapo. On the larger side but work very well.
    waynesworld's speshull klipz :
    I do still use them .
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
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  4. Dabbaranks
  5. waynes world
    Yeah, that's too bad about the shipping charges. Makes a lot of sense though if you buy a kube1, kube2 and a sabia v6 all at the same time :)
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
  6. nick n
    Sabia V6 are all sold out now from what I gather.
    Too bad they really are something special, most people I know got duplicates.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
  7. drey101
    Just got these today. :) Excited to try em!

    FAAEAL Datura X + Panda PK2

    I just tried em out so hear are some OOTB impressions:

    Panda PK2
    Imaging for front and back is kinda weak
    Voices are a little bit shouty, might be a very minor mid bass bleed or mids are a little bit too forward?
    Neutral to very bright?
    The tonal quality seems to have a slight reverb, it makes the music sound a little different.

    It looks cute, fit is pretty good. Definitely more bassy than the Datura, but I wouldn't consider either of these as bass champs. Hmmn, they seem to be 'brighter' than the Datura. I think these are more balanced than the Datura, but there's something bothering me with tonality of the vocals.

    FAAEAL Datura X
    Better imaging for front and back
    Very little subbass, definitely not for bassheads.
    Vocals sound great!
    Less sparkly than the Panda PK2

    I like the sound of the Datura X, it's really clear and crisp for me. The vocals sound great. I think this bud is very ear dependant, as I was moving it around my ear, and suddenly, the subbass was there, quite present and noticeable. The metal build seems durable, but I'm kinda worried about the soldering/cable. When there's no music playing, and I move the cable or my head, I kinda hear something moving/crackling inside the bud. Is that normal and do I need to be worried about it?

    I haven't tried either of the two covered up in foam or donuts yet, so I dunno how those affect them.

    In any case, I'm quite happy with getting them, and they're definitely more convenient in the office over my iems. I'm surprised with how good earbuds can be, as the first one I tried, a diy MX500 from a local seller, wasn't that great. :)
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
  8. waynes world
    Oh oh! I gave my son my spare V6 as a gift. I hope he lets me buy them back!
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  9. assassin10000
    I wonder how the ES100 compares power wise to my Note 4 and/or my BT20 that'd I would want to use them with.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
  10. CheeseInTheSky
    So i got the Sabia V6 and the Kube's.

    I like them both a lot, however the Sabia wont stay in my ears during walking so it probably isnt gonna be a option as daily driver.
    The Kube's sound a lot better than i thought initially, the bass is excellent and with some songs i have trouble keeping the Sabia and Kube's apart.
    Overall i like the Sabia's sound the most, but the cables make them fall out of my ears easily it seems.
    The Kube's cable is extremely light and thin, it stays in my ears better due to this but you can see it's a lower quality cable and the connector is a bit busted up when you rotate the connector you can hear interference.
    I havent the tested the Kube's fully tho, so it might change.

    Still waiting for my Japan Docomo & JVC's.

    Currently Qian69 and Sabia V6 are the best i have i think.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
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  11. subwoof3r
    Just received today my 2 pairs of Snow Lotus 1.0+ Commemorative Edition, finally! :)
    First impression OOTB is pretty impressive, installed VE extreme thin foams, I found the sound overall slightly colder that I'm used to listen with my EMX500 mods, but sound sig is very pleasant and interesting. I didn't found any lacking, bass has much more presence than 1.0, soundstage is much larger/deeper, there is much details, overall it has a sllight bright sound (could be fixed depending on toams used) but definitely no harshness nor sibilance. Highs and mds are much fine tuned. I agree with what has been said previously, 1.0+ is a much better 1.0 (especially in bass and soundstage).
    Those 1.0+ so far, are one of my favorites!
    Didn't have much time to spend with them before going back to work, so I will let you know more after few hours of burning and listening :)
    Also, the cable is already very good and very pleasing to manipulate (excepted this big Y-plitter). Not sure I will recable them. Maybe with a little hole on bass port, I'm sure these gonna be a beast!
    I'm very happy to have ordered two of them, hehe
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
  12. Willber
    Thicker foams will tame the treble and strengthen the bass. I use the stock foams that came with them, they are good quality.
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  13. Chris674
    I got the Kubes and the SL 1.0+ Commemoratives in last week. I've been spending a lot of time with the Kubes. I've never heard bass like that from an ear bud and the soundstage is exactly as advertised in these forums. I'd be interested to hear your comparison to the Sabia after you've listened a bit more. eBay seller says they're very limited and he has 3-4 pairs to list. Wondering if I should stalk his listings or just be happy. Oh, and how the heck yo get Docomos and JVC's? Keep seeing them but have no idea where they're sold.
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  14. Chris674
    I dislike that splitter also but the cable is really nice otherwise. I've ordered their replacement cables for my miniXLR AKG's and HD650. They're exactly the same as the Commemoratives. Short and great for desk listening.
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  15. Hououin Kyouma
    @subwoof3r You should try SL 2.5mm Balanced Edition next! The BEST Faaeal! :)
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