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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. assassin10000
    Svara have that much less sensitivity?

    I was considering ordering them but I'll probably only be using them with my phone or a bluetooth cable/bt20.
  2. GREQ
    I noticed the guy who sold the Kubes now has some ek2's up for sale.
    I can't recommend them because of my experience but since others have enjoyed them I thought someone might be interested in trying them out.
  3. nick n
    They are a bit larger housing than the KUBEV1 for sure, but with a decent shirt clip works good here.
    Shirt clip seems a must.
    Good laid back massive analog type sound.
    Ask waynesworld :)

    oooh there's a few BLACK V1's now again.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
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  4. RobinFood
    I took out the good old Monk plus tonight. They have no sub bass and the highs are rolled off, but there is something really special about them. All the details they have in that range is presented fully and congruently, no instrument or sound pushing another under it, and it has the most natural sounding soundstage and imaging. I love going back to it from time to time to reset things a little. They are great for washing your pallet from V-shaped buds.
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  5. purplesun
    Stationery single-hole puncher. Was doing some today, so took a photo.
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  6. palestofwhite
    That's the exact same hole puncher I have and had problems inserting the foams. I see you did a little modification to lift that metal place holder... :D
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  7. purplesun
    Yup. Easy peasy! 1 minute to snip 4 donuts, but 1 freaking hour to fit them on the earbuds! Still struggling with the last piece (2 donuts per bud).

    EDIT: All done, whew!
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
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  8. DBaldock9
  9. Willber
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  10. Blueshound24

    I had one comment about Will using the MK1 as a daily driver from @snip3r77. Anybody else have any input?
  11. seanc6441
    Pk32 was underwhelming, mk2 was very good. I'd stick to his mx500 buds on that basis. Maybe get the 150 as someone suggested it was slightly mid forward, whuch contrasts the mk2 slightly mid recessed sound.
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  12. purplesun
    The puncher do not have deep enough travel to completely push out the foam piece. I have to repeat a few punches to get over 90% clean cut. If only a single punch, at least 20%will remain attached.
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  13. Matarro
    That's what I do and as I hold the the punch down I rotate the cardboard a bit to make sure I cut through all of the foam.
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  14. Blueshound24
    Thanks for your recs!
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  15. Matarro
    Lol... I just used a cigar puncher to make holes in foams. I wanted to make a big hole since they sound nice without foams and I just wanted something to make them stay in place (and some slight padding as a bonus). Worked great actually! :)
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