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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. seanc6441

    First 'beta' of mmcx pk earbuds I'm working on.

    I'll make the second one soon with some minor updates in tuning.

    With this first version, bass punch-solidity and detail are prevalent but need to fine tune the mid range and soundstaging.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2019
  2. palestofwhite
    No luck from where I live... :frowning2:

    But I can probably get a friend to send some if it's available in the UK...
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
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  3. jogawag
    So then, please search shops dealing with silicon rings in your country with the following keywords.
    "SENNHEISER 558452"
    "SENNHEISER 563605"
    SENNHEISER 558452.jpg
    SENNHEISER 563605.jpg
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
  4. GREQ
    I just got my new set of backup Kubes, and they sound quite different to my older set.
    More clear, more linear sound. Overall better IMO.
    Will post measurements as soon as I can.
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  5. mochill
    I hope I get a bassy kube, mine should show up in about 2 days
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  6. pr0b3r

    Edifier H180, EMX500 (my 3rd pair), and MX760 graphene (Fengru). I'm least satisfied with the MX760. Can't find a good workaround to improve its sound (donut foams, full foams, naked). Not sure if a recable work would add more subbass and clarity to mids and highs. I find them quite muffled and congested on both clean recordings of R&B, EDM, and metal. I love the design and fit though.
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  7. waynes world
    If you love the design and fit, a good workaround (for great sound) is to get the $29 version :)

    Ask nicely and I'm pretty sure you could get a pretty good discount.
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  8. pr0b3r
    Thanks for the suggestion. I'm actually trying to find a Beyerdynamic DP100 and Philips SHE3800 locally (Philippines) but ended up putting a gamble on these graphenes. I put them on burn in now hoping for any improvement. If all else fails, then I'll probably dismantle them and salvage for materials on future projects.
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  9. Matarro
    Finally got my Vunbuds yesterday after ordering them in mid november. Not to go into details but let's just once again state that our dear swedish post office leaves a few things to be desired. Anyhow, the first impression is quite good! A bit rumbley but it works on the metal and prog I've been listening to. I think these are the first buds that I prefer with rubber rings instead of foams but I haven't quite made up my mind on that front. The VJC cable that came with them is great! Unfortunately I'm not using it, instead I'm using a cheap 2.5mm cable because ES100 packs more punch that way. I might switch back to the VJC cable though since I don't notice a big difference so far, not like with for example my Senfer PT15 where changing to 2.5mm did them a big favor in my opinion. Also, they weren't marked with left and right and that kind of bugged me even though it's kind of pointless.
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  10. j4100
    Yeah, but the cable is :)

    ...and my foams.

    Enjoying my Vunbuds. For reasons beyond me, I was unaware they were mmcx. I'm always afraid to part mmcx earbuds from their cables. Just in case...
  11. DBaldock9
    I keep my right thumbnail a little bit long, to use for prying / popping MMCX connectors loose from my earbuds & earphones.
    It was after the MMCX jack pulled out of one of my PT15 earbuds, that I became more vigilant.
    Those particular jacks are smooth, without ridges or lips to catch on the plastic bushing, so they're just held in by friction.
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  12. GREQ
    So I've done a measure of my 2nd Kubes, and I've learned something from it.
    Firstly the individual sets of buds.
    theKube2.png kube black2.png

    And then both buds average responses (L/R average)
    Orange = 1st copy
    Purple = 2nd copy
    2 kube AVERAGES.png
    On 'paper' they look about the same.

    To my ears as stated earlier, I really thought the 2nd one was the clearer, and slightly brighter of the two (better sounding overall).
    Took me a little while to realise that what I was hearing was not a difference between the buds, but the difference in age between the two foams, even though they were identical.

    The older foams on the older Kube (only a few months) do seem to make a duller sound.
    Be it a mix of age compression, getting loose over time or just getting filled with ear juice... who knows.

    After putting on fresh foams, both Kubes became just about indistinguishable.
    So that's good news all around I think.
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  13. waynes world
    Wow, very interesting. You almost started a huge selloff of original Kube's lol!

    Thankfully in your tests you are trying to minimize factors that can come into play, and you were clever to catch that about the foams. Good catch!

    It sure is amazing in general how many factors affect what we are hearing:
    - our individual hearing
    - audio source and chain
    - synergy of chain and buds
    - eq (or something else) accidentally turned on without knowing it
    - quality of files and mastering of files
    - no foams, full foams, donut foams
    - quality and thickness of said foams
    - mood
    - most importantly: number of cocktails in the system

    I'm sure I'm missing a few!
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
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  14. waynes world
    Somebody need to get both the Vunbuds and the stock Sabia V6 Experimentals and compare. Still loving my Sabias!
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  15. cathee
    Quick question: what are the TOTL buds right now?

    I tried the ZoomFred and while sonically superb, it was not very portable. I had some fit and use issues with the Penon BS1 too. Mojito was my favorite so far but Rose build quality is a nightmare.

    Any recommendations? Foam or foamless, I think my ears like a EMX500 type shell best.
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