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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. bobeau
    So... does anyone here actually own the ATH-CM2000ti? Any reviews? I've been searching and have come up empty handed.
  2. clovermau5
    so i was curious how diff 1.0+ with commerative edition.
    looks like my guess is right. the cable is different than original 1.0+

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  3. subwoof3r
    Thanks for the info, hmm not sure what to think then, not sure that it's a good thing, as it will sound slightly different from the original 1.0+ (I hope for the good, but maybe for the bad too).
    I hope someone here will be able to compare original 1.0+ and this commemorative edition, just to be sure.
  4. HungryPanda
    I have been listening to the Snow lotus 1.0+ commemorative edition for the last two days and it is an excellent earbud, I actually prefer it to my Snow Lotus 2.0 as it is not as dark sounding
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  5. clovermau5
    is soundstage wider than ry4s ?

    currently i love fengrudiy mx985 . it sounds better than my ry4s ue, edifier h180 or even vido. now looking to try snow lotus 1.0+
    anyone had tried this ?
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  6. Winterheim
    That photo (and the product itself in Aliexpress) appears to be the same as what is called the "Tingo TC200" in other online stores, but it really looks like the Tingo TG-38S.
  7. Ira Delphic
    I don't need any more budget earbuds... but just ordered one. Still a few dozen left of the 100 - 26 as of just now. For sound source - LG V30 and LG V10.

    FAAEAL Snow-lotus 1.0+/1.0 Plus Blue Hifi Earphone 64 Ohm Earbuds Commemorative Edition Limited Sale ONLY 100 PCS
  8. chaiyuta
    I heard mix love and hate of ATH-CM2000Ti. One Thai Owner (he didn't write a review though) and a few Thai people who went to e-earphone japan confirmed me that it is pretty great and not harsh sounding after burn-in passed. While I read some negative reviews from Japanese owners. A few owners decided to resale after a month. Sadly, Nobody here in this thread owns ATH-CM2000Ti. Most People in this thread are in budget earbuds segment as you see. Just a few people here play on high-end and high-price tag earbuds. BTW Reading reviews is somewhat useless for me unless I know who having a same direction of SQ preference as me. For example, Penon BS1 Official is one of my disliking as much as I decided to resale after a few weeks.
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  9. Zerohour88
    a friend got the BK2 from lucky bag (he was hoping to get lucky and get the "grand prize", lol), he really liked it despite not being into earbuds, and remarked that its quite hard to drive from the X7ii

    The Moondrop Shiro-yuki though, that's new? never thought Moondrop would do a generic MX500 shell earbud.
  10. jogawag
    Maybe that is "fengru diy mx985" in Aliexpress.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2019
  11. HungryPanda
    As I do not have the RY4s I cannot comment on that, I do have the Fengru Silver earbuds which are in a MX500 shell. The Snow Lotus 1.0+ sounds a bit better than the Fengru Silver. Soundstage is very good on the Fengru Silver and just a touch more than the Snow Lotus. Snow Lotus has a fuller sound though.
  12. ClieOS Contributor
    The back of the metal case literally say it is meant to be a cheapo model with no warranty with the exception of DOA. Basically It is MoonDrop's interpretation of VE Monk.
  13. dimitex
    what bud would you recommend? I mostly listen to classical, and jazz (50's-60's)
  14. kkl10
    Have $35 to test the waters with earbuds. I'm open to multiple purchases, but would rather avoid clutter and pick the fewest earbuds possible. I like variety to some extent, but would like to get the best possible sound quality (if worthwhile) even if that means limiting the choice to only one. Won't be modding much besides rolling foams for now. Average to below average ear size. Value a linear FR without jarring peaks/non-linearities anywhere. Have a preference for analog, buttery smooth, lush sound with realistic timbre, but without jeopardizing the technical ability to be a competent all-arounder. I listen to almost everything. I'm fine with either a slightly bright or dark tonal balance. Fine with either a thick and heavy or a relatively weightless sound. Bass light is fine. Anything as long as it sounds wholly coherent and natural/enjoyable.

    Have very low tolerance for sibilance, shoutiness, honkiness, boominess, shrillness, resonances, and other such acoustic oddities or non-sense artificialities of any sort. I know that cheapo stuff is always plagued by some issue like this but still... The cleaner and more transparent it sounds, the better. I also don't care for head/earphones that rely too much on artificialities or try to show off technicalities at the expense of naturalness, smoothness, realism and/or coherence.

    What would you guys recommend to this cheap snob?

    EDIT: Earphone to be driven mainly by a Meridian Explorer 2 (0.5 Ohms OI) at home. If too hard to drive, I have a much more powerful desktop amp at hand.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2019
  15. seanc6441
    Please give us more info than that. Budget?

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