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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. HungryPanda
    I always wear my EBX over ear
  2. Sgt. Ear Ache
    Got my EMX500S buds yesterday. So far I'd say they are pretty much right on par with the RY4S UE earbuds. Both very good...
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  3. snip3r77
    I have the ry4s UE, should I be thinking of emx500s ? A sidegrade?
  4. palestofwhite
    Decided to also add on the Pure Blue and Oyaide 102 SSC Cables since they're 50% off with my ZOE purchase... :ksc75smile:
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  5. j4100
    The Oyaide is good, but it's a bit stiff and microphonic. Doesn't bother me since I don't use my ZOE on the move, but the blue cable is neither of those things. It's nice and soft and not microphonic at all. Great cable.
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  6. palestofwhite
    I've used the Oyaide with my previous ZOE and it's this combo I missed so badly that I ordered them all over again.

    As for the Pure Blue I'm not really sure what to expect. Silver cables usually bring out the details but I don't know if this one will decrease the presentation of the lows, which I thoroughly enjoy about the Zen, especially with the Oyaide. Besides, they also cost a few times more, so I sure hope they're good!

    If not for the 50% off, I probably wouldn't be picking them up at its full retail price.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2018
  7. j4100
    I don't think it made much of a difference to the bass, but that's just my ears, YMMV. Playing my usually selection of music on my FiiO X5ii->RA 2.0bl->ZOE blue cable is pretty much TOTL for me. Not sure how much better the sound could be without an excessive spend for a small increase in SQ.

    Yeah, 50% off makes it resonable price, I wouldn't have paid twice that. Enjoy them when they arrive!
  8. Hououin Kyouma
    Please give me an answer :triportsad: Thanks :ksc75smile:
  9. Sgt. Ear Ache
    really about the only difference i note is maybe a tiny bit of harshness in the mids on the EMX500S compared to the RY4S UE. But really they are very very close afaic...
  10. Willber
    Although I like both of the above, they have different characters. The RY4S UE has tight bass, decent soundstage and excellent clarity, but it is a bit cool and the mids (vocals) are a little thin. On the other hand, the EMX500S is overall warmer and darker, and although the soundstage is bigger there is less definition throughout the FR.

    Better than both of them IMO is the Snow Lotus 1.0. It has most of the best aspects of the other two, the mids are more natural and forward than both, and overall is the better all-rounder to my ears.
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  11. creaturekyle
    I've not heard the ry4s UE so I cannot speak to their sound, but I love a warm, bassy sound signature and the Snow Lotus 1.0 is the best earbud I've ever used. Really good bass, great mids, and great detail, all with fantastic resolution.
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  12. subwoof3r
    Do you guys are really talking about Snow Lotus 1.0 ? or the discontinued 1.0+ ?
    I think I will order 2 pairs of 1.0 tonight anyway :)
  13. fairx

    OMG I'm in Dub heaven right now with Ry4s UE. Everybody who owns ry4s should listen to this

    More and more dub album coming out with such quality tribute to the scientist and king tubby.

    Too bad I can't push too hard because left driver developing some distortion on heavy bass

    And one more thing. Can you guys who listen to this album comment on how well suited your earbud on this genre? TQ
  14. seanc6441
    Emx500 is brighter but I find the ry4s the more agressive in the mids, more emphasis around 1khz meaning more shout. Neither are too harsh though
    My original emx500 is about as bright as the ry4s but less agressive.
  15. ROPVWV
    Awesome! I'm looking for a balanced sound signature leaning towards the warmer side of the spectrum without the mids feeling too receded, but I worried I'd struggle to hear the bass with this model
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