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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. j4100
    I was starting to think my Fengru DIY PK1 2.5mm buds were not going to arrive, but here they are! Trust me not to have a 2.5mm to 3.5mm trs adaptor at work :)

    Only waiting on my Black Friday RY4S delivery. And my late fall edition monk. And my Rholupat order. Happy days.

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  2. LazerBear
    Welcome! First of all, since it seems that you don't have much experience with earbuds, I think I should point out to you that earbuds normally have a series of issues which IEMs normally don't: mainly lack of isolation and lack of sub bass (and more generally attenuated bass). That means that using earbuds in an even slightly noisy environment is not recommended.

    If you're fine with that, let's move on to earbuds recommendation: you can find a nice recap of well-regarded earbuds in this post, courtesy of @Marcos Fontana: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/earbuds-round-up.441400/page-2540#post-14638000
    If you can expand a bit more on your sound preferences, we can give you an additional hand sorting out those from the list that might not be appropriate. Keep in mind that a lot of the more expensive ones are in the 100+ ohms, which means you will need a good source powering them. If you're planning to use a cellphone, you should look at 32-64ohm max.
  3. DaniErre
    Thank you! :D
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2018
  4. LazerBear
    So, I've received the NiceHCK EBX and.. surprisingly I like it less than the EB2. Might have something to do with the fit, but I feel the highs are a bit too much (whereas the EB2 strikes a very good balance between extended and non-fatiguing) and does not correct the dip in the mids that I perceived in the EB2 enough to warrant me keeping them.

    I'm thus adopting a two-pronged strategy: on one hand I'm trying to see if I can score a Rose Masya as an upgrade to the EB2, on the other I'm looking for advice for a darker set of earbuds in the 20-80$ range that can complement the EB2 for busier genres such as metal, hard rock etc.: any input would be greatly appreciated, I am currently looking at the 1More E1008.
  5. redkingjoe
    I remember that you travel extensively! You can just ask them to ship to your hotel!

    When I was in Taiwan or USA, I simply asked the shops to courier them to my hotel.
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  6. Danneq
    Nowadays we mainly go to Japan to visit my wife's mother and we stay at her place south of Tokyo. I have bought stuff from Yahoo auction and had it sent to her. I did that with the Moondrop Liebesleid that I bought this summer (and later sold here on Head fi).

    That works pretty smoothly compared to have it sent to Sweden.
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  7. jogawag
    I recommend "DIY SR2 16ohm TPE wire" in AliExpress with about $15.
    The strong bass sound as PK-type fits for busier genres such as metal, hard rock etc. And this earbuds are not bright.
    I recommended this silver plated cable version before, but it seemed that sounded a bit too bright.

    This earbuds need 200 hours burn-in.

    This Earbuds looks cheap according to the price, but you will be amazed by this powerful bass and wide sound stage.
    I feel this to sound comparable to SWD2+ and I have been using this all the time especially outdoor for the last 3 months.

    Select the 2nd in "Color:".
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2018
  8. doggiemom
    Yeh! You got them! What do you think????? I ordered a second pair for work, now that they seem to be in stock consistently. IMHO they are a great bang for the buck.
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  9. Willber
    I can't find much info about these. Any chance of a (very) brief comparison with some other budget buds?
  10. atmosfearz
    Hello, can anyone suggest some really good earbuds for ES100 (I've just decided to not take Pro82 everywhere). This thread is a really mess, I gave up after ~200 pages. Firstly, my sight was on Rose Masya (It looks fabulous), but then I found a lot of choices, like DX3s, EBX, Linsoul BLD, BS1, E1008. Most of my music are rock.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2018
  11. Marcos Fontana

    Check the list in my signature. Some that are amazing: Svara L, TY HI-z 650ohms, RW-9, RY4S UE Cable and many others. Depends on how much do you want to pay.

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  12. Sgt. Ear Ache
    don't start from the beginning of the thread. Just go back to about 20 or so pages from the last page and start from there. Should get some good ideas...
  13. atmosfearz
    The only thing I missed from last pages is Moondrop VX Pro.
  14. BadReligionPunk
    Any comparisons to Vunbud? Got Vunbud a few weeks ago, and not a huge fan, but still burning.
  15. palestofwhite
    Really missed having the VE ZOE, so a pair is already ordered and on it's way... :L3000:
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2018
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