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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. j4100
    Love the steampunk amp
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    I would highly appreciate it if someone that's tried all three (or just 2) could give me a quick overview of how the Qian69, the ry4s UE and the Snow Lotus 1.0 compare in terms of highs, mids, lows, soundstage and separation. I want to buy a few headphones but I don't want too many of a similar signature (due to my minimalist nature), and as I understand it these are somewhat similar, so it would be nice to know which one is the closest to my preferences.
    Thanks in advance.
  3. creaturekyle
    How's the sound signature of the Datura X? Faaeal themselves say it has less bass than the Snow Lotus or Narcissus 2.0, so it doesn't sound like it's for me .
  4. silverfishla
    I can only compare to the Snow Lotus 2.0 and Narcissus but...I think the Datura X has more energy, better soundstage, better detail retrieval. The bass is not lacking at all, but it is less pervasive. The 2.0 has a more plentiful bass, but it's "fluffier", more encompassin but not as impactful. I don't think the 2.0 or the Narcissus (which is actually a bit tamer than the 2.0 but cleaner) have as good a driver as the X. I think the X is just more capable and competent as an all-rounder and fits better(for me). There's just a solidity to it that the others don't quite have. Could be the shell.
    edit: The bass. I think it's more like the X has better separation of sub and low bass whereas the 2.0 kind of blends those two together more.
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  5. minnyB
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2018
  6. minnyB
    How's Zeva Snow compared to Monk Plus? Thank you!
  7. minnyB
  8. Red Elriza
    I've been lurking about this thread quite a bit and I have to say everyone here really got me going into the whole Chi-fi earbuds thing. About two weeks ago I got the Ourart ACG and the Svara-L (32) in the mail. I bought them mainly because they look really nice -- that gunmetal look really kills it for me.

    Both of them are excellent but have some quirks. When I first unboxed the ACG I was too lazy to apply the donuts (I think someone should put a how-to guide about these, somewhere) and I just threw the extra foams from the Monks on them. They were detailed in the treble but much too bright. After fiddling with them -- changing sources, amping, EQ, pressing them into my ears, whatnot -- I realized there were three inconspicuous vents at the back that weren't covered by the foams. Guess what, upon applying the original donuts (which cover the vents adequately) the bass was restored and brightness pared back. Now they sound positively crystalline -- I'm hazarding a guess that it's like the Ti7, but with more detail and less richness?

    The Svaras were a different story. Right out of the box I drove them straight out of my Fiio X5 III and they just sounded painfully harsh, with vocals sounding like they were funneled through a paper cup. It's like drinking a cup of coffee that's too acidic, in the aural sense. But when I drove them out of my laptop > iFi Micro BL with the knob at 12 o'clock they sounded like how I'd imagined them from reading this thread. Very wide stage, rich but not overwhelming bass, and very, very impressive separation. The separation was what impressed me the most. I remember that someone on this thread complained that they were too bright. Maybe more power might solve that problem, based on my experience -- which is quite strange considering that they're 32ohms. And that means there's no way to use these in a portable fashion.

    I might post some pics shortly, I got some really nice-looking cables for them.
  9. toear
    I bought a bunch of Vidos for Xmas gifts... And one to play with. Wow! Have to say these are a very good base for modding!

    Recabled with sleeved breaded litz and tuned.

    My Samsara's are still king of depth but these are still holographic and wide, but not quite as dark. Litz was probably not the best choice for wire but it was cheap. Sleeving reduced microphonics significantly... Amazing!

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  10. Qualcheduno
    Strange, I usually drive them with my Xiaomi Mi A1 and to me they never sounded harsh (I use thin foams with them). I am pretty sensitive to brightness and treble spikes too (I haven't used my ATH-M40x in a while because of that).
  11. DaniErre
    Hi. I've been following this forum for a long time and first of all I want to say thank you. I'd like to have some of your great advice. I don't feel comfortable with IEMs and at the same time I don't feel comfortable to give them to someone. I want to give good quality earbuds round-up to my girlfriend. What can you suggest me in the range 50-100 euros? If it's possibile, something I can find on Amazon Italy to get a faster delivery.
  12. waynes world
    Wow, these Sabia V6's are good.

    Last edited: Dec 17, 2018
  13. nick n
    That's a bit of an understatement there master waynesworld.
  14. redkingjoe
    Frankly, I won’t believe you would be settled with something that’s only good enough!
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2018
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  15. Danneq
    Well, after Swedish customs became strict and added import tax and customs fees to ALL packages from outside the EU, no matter the declared value, I have to start to settle with what is good enough. :cry:

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