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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. redkingjoe
    Frankly speaking, if I were you, I would have made the complain long time ago. At least they have to pay back the DHL charge!
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  2. gazzington
    So any decent deals today?
  3. HeadlessChicken
    Quick impressions of NiceHCK EB2 (with VE thick foams)... Before continuing, my music preferences are mainly English pop/rock/mainstream radio songs, so KIV when reading:
    Fit is kinda comfortable, the shell feels smaller in the ear than the generic monk+ style shell, but not sure if the diameter is really smaller than that. Not the best buds for sleeping/lying on the sid as compared to the monk lite / qian style shell due to the way the stem connects to the bell shaped part of the bud
    Bass is kinda in the background, coming from the monk+ bass emphasis (where the kick drums beats are prominent), these buds have noticeably less of that. Subbass rumble is easier to notice though, perhaps due to that. This part of SQ makes this buds less suited for rock and high energy music that requires good bass presence e.g. Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory album, rap beats from Eminem, EDM etc.
    Mids are coherent, no unusual peaks detected with female vocals e.g. Taylor Swift. But some male vocals, particularly those that sound thick in real life, dont quite get there e.g. Brian McFadden. Nevertheless, its not muddy, and thats still a win for me.
    Treble is perhaps the second weakest link. Its sounds kinda rolled off and incomplete, but seems to get piercing at times too. Dunno why, maybe just my busted ears. On balance, not as good as it could be
    Cable is nice. Like really nice. Its soft and supple. The chin slider is too loose to be useful though, but least its shiny o.o finally the jack has a short strain relief, but it seems solid for now (anw the jack is shiny too, so props for that).
    Tl; dr pretty solid offering, but i suspect most budget offerings compete on a similar level in terms of overall SQ strengths and drawbacks. Get this mainly for build quality and comfy fit, and wait for discounts
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
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  4. j4100
    I haven't seen anything I'd jump at.

    However, been thinking of getting the TY Hi-z HP150s 150 mkII that Penon have, after some recent posts on here. Probably get the 2.5mm trrs version.
  5. gazzington
    I've never had TY Hi-z earbuds but would also like to try some
  6. wskl
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  7. gazzington
  8. Palash
    Here are some great deals in Penon Audio Black Friday Sale :gs1000smile:
    HE 150ohm HiFi Earbud for 11.90$
    Rose Masya for 98$
    TY Hi-Z 150ohm for 38.50$
    TY Hi-Z F300C 300ohm for 16.90 $
  9. wskl
    Sorry I don't have them, but if you search this thread a few members like them.
  10. LazerBear
    Hello guys, looking for a recommendation for something under 100$ and preferably around 50$ or less to use to listen to music in the office. No need for mic, would prefer a generally balanced sound with maybe a warm-ish tint and a slightly rolled off treble. My only point of reference in the earbud world is the original VE Monk, which I don't particularly like as I find its upper treble splashy. My source at the moment is a Shanling M0, but I plan to upgrade to something slightly larger and powerful soon, maybe an Hiby R3.

    I've been looking at a bunch of threads but what I found was more confusing than helping, haha. Be as it may I was looking at the Auglamour RX-1 and Shozy Cygnus, although for the second pair I'm really hesitant to drop near 100$ on an earbud.
  11. TheoS53
    Head over to the EQ and use the "Party" preset. If you still find the treble a bit too splashy, then opt for the "Soft Rock" preset. Using an EQ will drop the volume (to avoid clipping), so depending on the song you might need to switch over into high gain
  12. HeadlessChicken
    Hi i would rec the NiceHCK EB2 for balanced sound (more balanced than Monks for sure), though it doesnt have a warmish tint.
    But for source, would not rec the R3. IMO go for iBasso DX120 instead. From my brief interaction with the DX120 it has better SQ than the R3 I own
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  13. fairx
    Umm.. I saw snow lotus 1.0+ is back on AE?
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  14. Sgt. Ear Ache
    My order of an RY assortment arrived yesterday. Here's what I'm finding...

    RY4S - the basic buds for $6 cdn. These things sound great. Nice deep bass but still a balanced and fairly open sound overall. Better SQ than the Monk+ imho. Cable is nice too.

    RY4S UE Cable - Bass not quite as thick as the basic RY4S and a more open soundstage. Lots of detail. Great overall sound. Not entirely sure it's worth the extra $6 a pair...but they definitely sound very good!

    RY4X - these ones sound a little cluttered and just not as refined as the others to me. They sound a little more like a cheap earbud...and I don't like the cable much at all. (I accidentally selected the ones with the twisty black cable, which I don't like much. I see there is an option to order with the same cable as the standard RY4S which I would have preferred.)

    So, the basic RY4S is the budget champ for me right now. Really amazing buds for $6...I think the RY's with the UE cable do sound a little better overall, but It's possible to convince myself that the basic buds have a SQ that isn't actually worse if you know what I mean. I'm happy to have a pair of the UE-cabled ones but I'll be ordering more of the standards just to kick around with.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
  15. HungryPanda
    More than good

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