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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. nxnje
    hello guys!
    I was wondering if there are earbuds just like my Pioneer SE-CE11 in terms of size.
    14.6 mm driver actually.. mx500 earbuds really hurt me.
    I'm searching for something like that for less than 20$.
    I'm searching for a V-Shaped signature with clear mids and bright upper spectrum
    Is there something like this on the market or just vido shells?
  2. mbwilson111
    I ordered them back in July when @DBaldock9 posted the link saying they seemed ro be the same as his Daik DK-Song. They do seem to be the same. I love them. Sound great with my music. I am sure that DB can tell you better than I can.

    They are from the store that @Willber linked to. I ordered the white cable version that I thought would look like this


    but when they arrived the cable looked like this... which I like better. Different case and cable from what I expected. The leather thingie is mine. We have about 40 of them here... lol.

    Last edited: Nov 2, 2018
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  3. vetsin
    I'm not a firm believer of the burn-in process but do it anyway. I just left my Toneking T0200 buds playing music on a Sony Walkman for about 48 hours, maybe a bit more. Looks like the sound did change.
    Initially, I decided to put doughnut foams as they seemed veiled but now I prefer regular foams.
    I also discovered that my music streaming service is EQing by default, the highs were a bit piercing and it was hurting my ears so I checked the EQ option and found that it was not flat. I never noticed this until I got the T0200.
  4. seanc6441
    For me it really varies greatly depending on the bud. Some seem to change,
    Others don't.
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  5. jogawag
    I recommend to you 16ohm's one in link below.
    This is needed 100 hour's burn-in.
    Diy SR2 16-tpe.jpg
  6. j4100
    Magic! Don't know how I missed this. More than tempted now. Leather thingies are very handy.
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  7. vetsin
    I think I'll have to agree, the last iem I did this to didn't change at all.
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  8. mbwilson111
    I have been meaning to take a photo of them with a different cable... the one my husband gave me after he changed one of his buds to a balanced one. I think it looks awesome with the wood.

    edited to add: Just found out that this BGVP cable in the link below is not the one in my photo but it does look simitar and looks nice. Turns out that mine is the Toneking TO400 original cable.


    @j4100 you could get the balanced version of that cable. I know you like balanced. See... I am being a very good enabler here :)

    Last edited: Nov 2, 2018
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  9. seanc6441
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  10. Willber
    Much nicer than the white one.
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  11. nxnje
    WOAH! thanks for the fast answer!
    Just a few questions.
    1. Is this little like the one i've mentioned?
    2. What is different between the 16/32 and 150ohm one?
    3. Are there any other pair so i can have more models for looking one to pick?

    Thanks for the answer.
  12. subwoof3r
    Just received today my RY GM500 (300 ohms) earbuds!

    After burning them for approx 8 hours, I can say I'm just amazed by their sound. It is my first earbuds with such impedance, but my equipment (especially the Fostex) can handle it without any issue.
    Everything sound just right to my ears, it's a bit flat sounding with a little bump on upper mids, transparent and natural sounding, I don't feel any kind of "veil", it's very detailed overall with good clarity. They aren't laid-back at all and there is much energy. Highs are not harsh neither sibilant at all. I even find them more in the analytical side (they can sound a bit fatiguing after few hours due to this). The only negative point to me is they lack a bit of bass impact and especially subbass. Soundstage is more large than deep, not the best I heard but it does the job, it is more intimate so it helps focusing on tracks value.
    Otherwise, for the price asked (15$) it's almost a no-fault!
    They are good allrounder but not the best for electronical music (I still prefer my custom PK2).
    Also, I'm not a fan of its UE brown cable even if it's not the worse I had till date.
    They are for sure one of my favorites earbuds for now. I will wait for a week of proper burning before make final statement :) (hope bass will be more forwarded after that)
    Can't wait to make a comparison between RY4S (which I should receive soon).

    Thanks @HungryPanda for the discover!

  13. mbwilson111
    Wow... good catch. He thought it was the BGVP but he had changed his TO400 to balanced a long time ago and had put the SE cable from it on the BGVP. When he took it off the BGVP he forgot that was not the original cable.

    That one I linked to is the BGVP cable. The one in my photo is the TO400 cable.

    Looking at the two cables side by side not we see they are similar but not the same. Not sure which one might be better than the other. Anyway, I like the looks of it with the wood. Not sure where the white one is right now...maybe waiting as a spare.
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  14. HungryPanda
    The RY4s has the exact same cable, very nice for the cost of these earbuds imo
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  15. jogawag
    Answers are
    1. This is small shell called PK shell / DoCoMo shell. And this has a V-Shaped signature with clear mids and bright upper spectrum and wide sound stage.
    2. I have heard 16ohm one only. So I can not tell different between the 16/32 and 150ohm one.
    3. This is more low price and same 16ohm driver one. https://www.aliexpress.com/item//32922747759.html
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2018

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