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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. seanc6441
    Someone needs to buy Airpods, rip out the internals and transplant them into mx500 shells with 32 ohm drivers xD.
  2. ballog
    @DarkZenith seems like you are describing the RY4S - wonder if they are the same? Btw Dark don't see you much around the earbud thread on TN lately.
  3. waynes world
    Must be. Perfect RY4S description!

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  4. chinmie
  5. waynes world
    You're ahead of the curve my friend! But I have become a believer in bluetooth audio quality, so I'm sure I'll be going down that bluetooth-bud rabbit hole some day as well. But for now I'll just have to continue enjoying my wired buds off of the es100 :)
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  6. rkw
    I should mention that higher impedance doesn't necessarily mean lower sound output, especially with such a small difference as between 32 and 64 ohms. It would be a more reliable predictor if comparing with, say a 200 ohm bud.

    The better spec to compare between buds is sensitivity (dB output at 1mW). A lower number would be better for you. Looking quickly through AliExpress, the Fengru DIY PK2 is relatively cheap and has a lower sensitivity than most. However, your player device may still output too much noise at low volume. It would help if you tell us what device and earbud you are using. Someone here may have similar components and give you some perspective.

    For a foolproof solution, get an iFi Ear Buddy and you can use it with your current earbuds.
  7. chinmie
    these little true wireless are getting there! a few years ago the main problems are battery life and connection stability, now they reached a point where the battery life is ample enough for casual use, and also more and more stable that they are becoming a convenient piece of tech.
    i still use my wired cans when i'm stationary at my desk or bed (although to be frank, even that they connect to my bluetooth dac-amps :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: )
    my only true wired experience nowadays is when i use my Ipod
  8. snip3r77
    Does Ry4S owns the EMX500?
  9. chaiyuta
    In 2008, Radius released " HP-WHF11M", a maple-wood earbud. Today Radius announced to release the new model called "HP-WHF11Mx". It is expected to be released on 05/11/2018.

    Radius Wood 01.jpg

    Radius Wood 02.jpg
  10. chinmie
    I'm just worried it would break easily. other than that it's beautiful
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  11. j4100
    They look great. I imagine they would sound pretty good too. Any idea of the price when released?
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  12. Danneq
    I used to own the HP-WHF11M. Bought it at a Yodobashi store in Japan in 2016 I think. It was truly sweet looking but the sound was only okay. A somewhat intimate presentation and not too much sub bass...

    If I remember correctly it cost around 5000 yen, perhaps less.

    Edit: seems they still sell them (plus the Mx version with a price at 7530 yen):

    Last edited: Nov 2, 2018
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  13. Qualcheduno
    So far the only impression about the to600 I've come across is this user review on AE:

    "I feel TO600 is one of the masterpiece that countinued from TO400S. Its sound is very detail with warmth. I feel TO600's tone valume Balance is Melody and Base sound oriented with in the limits of Good Balance. I feel "Mid to high" > "Low" >>> "Treble". so, All ranges are really high quality.Especially, Tone color is really detailed. Music output from TO600 is vivid and colorfull , and separation of instrument is really good. I forget oppotunity that putting off TO600 cause I can listen fantastic tone with relaxing. Transition of tone is really great inherited from TO400S. one of the best release I've heard. There isn't useless reverberation created by enclosure. I highly recommend TO600 to fun tone color and diversity of instrument and vocal. My TO600 is driven well by smartphone LG-V20 with or wituout Hi-fi DAC."

    So, midcentric SS with relaxed treble, could it be a mini Senn HD650?
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  14. HungryPanda
    I have K's K600 and that is my mini HD650 for sure
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  15. j4100
    Speaking of wooden buds, I just noticed this one. Tried to link it but failed. You can search using this description.

    Tiandirenhe MMCX Headset Handmade Red Sandalwood Wood Earplugs Replacement Cable for Shure se215 se535 se846 In-ear Earphone
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2018

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