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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. bavinck
    I really like the Pk16, but they aren't neutral. They are bright. Bright done really well.

    BK have thicker mids and less controlled/textured bass than nightshade. The nightshade are smooth, not shouty at all. Nightshade are also 500ohms so they are not really buds aimed at the same usage.
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    By tuning I am not saying it is merely adding/removing or changing the housing a bit here and there. Changing/modding the driver composition (diaphragm, coil, magnet, etc) in a minor degree is also an effective way of tuning, as opposite to using a completely new driver.
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  3. CyberGhost
    But do they have better (more present) treble than Cygnus?

    Because Cygnus is less clear with less treble than PK2.

    This guy highlights what I've been reading about BK a lot:

    Anybody have experience with PK1 or OK1?
  4. bavinck
    I, for one, think something goofy is going on with his pair. I often get the same impressions as he does on gear, but the bk I had (and sold) did not sound like he describes.
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  5. Ziggomatic
    I own the Yuin PK1, but I think I lost track of your conversation. If the question is about treble, I would say they have relaxed treble, though it's fairly well extended. The focus of the PK1 sound is in the mids and mid-bass. Very fun with rock music.
  6. bhima
    Interesting that you like the PK16. I find their upper-mid sound to have a weird, rounded off effect. Not natural sounding whatsoever, whereas the BKs have a more natural bright upper-mid lower treble presentation. Wow, 500ohms??? Definitely not the same usage because the PKs run perfectly well off a phone :wink:.
  7. bhima
    I have the exact opposite opinion of this guy BUT, I know exactly why he is saying what he is saying. If you notice, he is using Heigi's donut foams. I too have Heigi's foams, and when used with the BK it completely smoothes over the highs, and the bass starts bleeding into the mids. If he actually tried to use these with thin foams like VE foams or those $0.89 for 100 from Ali Express (these are the ones I use), the sound signature is drastically different. Bass is tight, does not interfere with the mids, the mids are fantastic, the lower highs are good but they are a bit shouty (Bavnick and I agree on this). Upper treble is pretty airy as well.
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  8. doggiemom
    I received Heron and Hummingbird this week. I haven't really listened to Hummingbird yet, but listened to Heron for a couple of hours. Very nice full sound without being too bright. And they look lovely - they come in nice semi-hard cases that Moon will engrave with your name, and soft cloth pouches that say "Viet Nam." I like the details such as the Moon logo on the splitter and cable wrap. All these little touches make Moonbuds look like a premium product.
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  9. bhima
    The real question: How much are they?
  10. doggiemom
    For some reason that I don't quite understand, many of the small DIY bud makers (Moonbuds, Cypherus, Blur.....) say "PM for price" when asked, so I guess I should not say? Moonbuds has 3 tiers of products. Hummingbird is mid-tier, and Heron is TOTL. The TOTL are in the range of the high-end Blurs, though not as much expensive as Cypherus. :shrug:
  11. doggiemom
    C809EB38-4414-4341-8E6B-85B71342E45E.jpeg Here is a picture of Hummimgbird
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  12. seanc6441
    I would hope so, the pricing quotes I got for their TOTL buds are very premium pricing... But if the SQ matches the price it seems to be worth it as the earbuds from Moom look amazing.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2018
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  13. seanc6441
    I imagine they say it because shipping and different customization options may mean slightly different rates. I don't think you are under any obligation to keep it a secret but its your choice :)

    Personally I'd rather a seller be transparent about his/her pricing because it makes it easier as a consumer to choose a product. If the rate is variable then say its variable.

    "PM for price" gives the impression that its certain rates for certain buyers... Or the seller will boost the price if the item becomes popular.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2018
  14. ClieOS Contributor
    There are recent report of BK sounding very veil in China as well, and the suspected culprit is either faulty or even fake driver being used (*not unheard of for people to swap out real driver with cheap stuff then resold the earphone as real stuff for a high price, then resold the driver as real replacement for more money). I have heard story from one of the well known earbuds maker that people swapped out driver and sent it back for repair hoping it will be replaced with the real one. Not saying this will be the case here, but it is best to get your more expensive earbuds from a trusted retailer.
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  15. Makahl
    Professional CIEM companies add enamel coating (or nail polish) as a visual indicator, like that:

    So many sellers will refuse to exchange/return if you've soldered the unit since this enamel layer won't be there. After this BK rumor, they should try to adapt something like that.
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