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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. handwander
    Going to pass on buying anything until 11.11 and hopefully the Svaras are on sale.
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  2. seanc6441
    Shocked... Thought you owned all the sub budget mx500 earbuds in existance :)
  3. Zerohour88
    The Toneking earbuds are surprisingly sensitive despite being high-impedance, I run the TO180 through my USB DAC and its actually more sensitive than my old NiceHCK Graphenes. Toneking definitely knows how to tune their earbuds, making me salivate for their TO600 now

    hence not clicking that "buy now" button for the R4YS since already aiming for 11.11 of either NiceHCK EBX, K's 300/Samsara, or the Svara-L Pro
  4. activatorfly
    Hands down....
  5. nxnje
    In your humble opinion, if i have small ears and can't stand the AGPTEK m20 ones, but the old Pioneer SE-CE11 fit me well, which earbud can i buy under 5$, saw many earbuds have that price.
    This just because i want to introduce myself in the earbuds as i always use IEMs
  6. gazzington
    What's the equipment on black and white lings like? I'm either getting one of those a bk or rose masya.
  7. vetsin
    Just a quick question guys, when you are talking MX500 and PK2 you are mostly referring to the size of the shell for ear fit right?
    MX500 is from Sennheiser and is the larger of the two? PK2 is from Yuin?
  8. HungryPanda
    vetsin likes this.
  9. snip3r77
    So generally 2 types of mold?
  10. gattari
    Anyone with a Rose Masya Pro?
  11. activatorfly
    Are they much of an upgrade over the original?
  12. wazzupi
    Is there a proper way to insert earbuds are they suppose to sit facing the canal or just facing the wall of your ear? do they slightly have to be snug closer to your ear canal ?
  13. HungryPanda
    People wear them differently
  14. RodRevenge
    It depends on you, in my case i can tilt forward the right one to face my ear canal while i wear the left one facing the wall of my ear because apparently my left ear is tighter, it works fine for me, i get a good sound
  15. RevPizzaguy
    How are the RY4S with UE cable compared to the DIY EMX500's with that same style of cable?

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