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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Drohun
    Hi guys!

    Im selling one of my favourite and very rare earbud headset! Sennheiser OMX980

    The reason for the sale is that I have 2 of them, so I would like to give one to someone else to experience how a top-class 2010 earbud sounds like.

    From its sound briefly: detailed, analytic, with good dynamics, easy to drive, can sound good from any source. You can find measurements on the internet (mx980/985 measurements).

    Personal Review: I really love them because of its precision and accuracy, this is why I want to keep one. Obviously it's not a typical traveling headset(i prefer in-ears outside)or fun character, but if you have the chance to listen to an acoustic, classical or jazz material in silent court, you do not need to look forward imho.

    Hearings are possible: in Győr or sometimes in Budapest after consultation (possibly Debrecen, Nyíregyháza) - In Hungary...Sorry

    The box is completely unopened, it contains everything that has been added at the factory: leather holder, 2 pairs of fittings, air converter ...

    PM me for the price, its a subject of discussion. Please feel free to contact me privately if you have any questions about this product.

    You can also found me at facebook in famous earbud lover groups. Cheers!

    u.i.: specifications are the same as the mx980-985 earphones.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2018
  2. groucho69
    His words, not mine.
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  3. Ziggomatic
    May I go fishing for any TO600 impressions out there?

    I'm currently enjoying my TO400 very much, so of course thinking of finding something similar, but better (I have a brain disease).
  4. bhima
    OK, this is another case of just how much the foams you use impact everything about the sound of your earbud. I just got some Hiegi donut foams from Amazon and have replaced my thin full foams on the Shozy BK. Removes the peaks completely. It makes the bass a bit too thick, and the soundstage/imaging is a bit smaller with the Hiegi's. Still, it makes the BKs much more laid back. Now if I could get that laid back while retaining that soundstage haha!
  5. Dubusal
    The sympathizer. I also do not buy reviews of anyone.
    Here I met a Korean who came to know herry and bought zoomfred for the first time.
    The moment I listened to zoomfred, I was already sending herry a mail.
    And talking to him, I had to order a red dragon.
    I wanted a utopia and he wanted to challenge. And I decided to challenge myself.

    I was originally a headphone user.
    I had a lot of headphones, but now what I have left is a single old headphone called the akg k271s.
    I am very interested in iem. However, if iem is used for a long time, I do not have expensive iem because the headache comes. My friends have expensive and good sounding products. I also have ebx, liebeslide, zoomfred, and dragon2 + that sound good, but I do not think the sound I can get from a premium full-size headphone is yet to be heard.
    I know the sounds. I always go and listen to new products whenever I come to Korea.
    On the surface, my Red Dragon looks really funny and cheap. But I decided to believe herry once, and after the sound of $ 1000, I would be satisfied with the sound of Red Dragon(utopia).
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2018
  6. Dubusal

    I'm your fan. You're one of the people that made me make Red Dragon Utopia.
    I totally agree with you.
    For those of you who are interested in Red Dragon, listen to Baby dragon(Zoomfred), a popular entry-level device later than the Red Dragon.

    If you listen to Zoomfred, you will want to order or buy a Red Dragon like me.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2018
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  7. DBaldock9
    Over the last few months, I've purchased a few earbuds that have very good overall performance -
    1.) Wong Kuan Wae "Blur hALF/hALF" (2.5TRRS, 150Ω)
    2.) NiceHCK EBX (MMCX, 32Ω)
    3.) Svara-L (MMCX, 32Ω)
    4.) RYGMR RY4S (UE cable, 32Ω)

    The least expensive one is the RY4S, and it really impresses me with it's great quality & quantity of low Bass, without Mid-Bass "booming" (using a donut foam over a full foam). The Midrange is not recessed, which is what usually seems to happen on earbuds with strong Bass.
    The Svara-L (32Ω) and the NiceHCK EBX (32Ω) seem to have similar audio performance. The EBX may have a bit more Bass, but the Svara-L has a little better fit & seal on my ears.
    The "Blur hALF/hALF" has the great Midrange & Treble of my earlier "Blur 魔音" (2.5TRRS, 300Ω) earbuds, with the added benefit of more low Bass, that's still fast and natural sounding. The "Blur 魔音" has great quality of Bass, but not as much quantity.
  8. HungryPanda
    I'm listening to some electronic/techno music right now withe Svara-L's in my ears and the bass is powerful with mids and highs crystal clear :)
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  9. handwander
    Interested in Svara-l but unsure about fit. Afraid of anything non-yuin shell at this point.

    Interested in the EBX as well but the Svara-l pricing is probably the most I'd be willing to risk on a 'blind buy'. Not interested in EBX prices or above when my picky ears might dislike them.
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  10. HungryPanda
    The Svara-L's are worn over ear so sit quite firmly
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  11. csglinux
    So which is your favorite?!?

    Hi @HungryPanda - I appreciated your recommendation on the T0200 - they were/are really great earbuds. Very good quality mmcx cable too, which could justify the price alone. Just curious, how do the TO200 compare to these Svara-L's?
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  12. DBaldock9
    Out of the earbuds in my collection, which cost between $30 - $60, the Svara-L (32Ω) is my favorite for sound quality while listening to music.

    1.) OurArt Ti7 - (MMCX, 32Ω), [$59.00]
    2.) Svara-L - (MMCX, 115Ω), [$54.00]
    3.) MusicMaker ToneKing TO200 - (MMCX, 200Ω), [$50.00]
    4.) Svara-L - (MMCX, 32Ω), [$49.68] EDIT: NOTE - The price has gone up since I bought mine...
    5.) Daik DK-Song - (MMCX, 16Ω), [$46.95]
    6.) VE Monk Plus Espresso - (2.5TRRS, 64Ω), [$30.00]
    7.) NiceHCK DIY Graphene (2017) - (20Ω), [$29.53]
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2018
  13. HungryPanda
    The Svara-L's have a stronger bass that goes a little deeper and highs that roll off more than the TO200
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  14. handwander
    Any idea how the 'depth' or thickness of the Svara compares to Yuin or MX500s?

    I think I've narrowed down overall bud thickness over diameter as the main point of comfort for me. Looking at pk2s (comfortable) vs [banned seller name] tank (not comfortable), the diameter of the shell isn't that different..

    but there is a noticeable different in the overall depth

    So I think I need to go for as thin as possible lol.
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  15. chinmie
    is that list in order of favorite?
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