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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Forty6
    Yeah my bad , mistaken .
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  2. Forty6
    Yes was referring to that 178usd detachable Zen.
    Playing good music on my dap , but sound lagI Kuat being pushed by a amp .
    178usd well spend, totally worth every cents spent on it with another recable.

    And I briefly try it with a pricey cooper wires , Man that was really warmth and smooth on the Zoe , but unfortunately it was just a brief test out without pairing up with the amp , just with a player .
    Amping makes a lot more difference on the zens though.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2018
  3. palestofwhite
    The ZOE is really great with the optional 102ssc Oyaide cable. That being said, I used it for about a week and liked them so much, that I traded up to a Zen 2.0 Black Edition. Still eagerly waiting for it to arrive. :D
  4. Forty6
    Huh? Trade up ? Trade with who ?
  5. palestofwhite
    Was talking to Lee and he offered.
  6. Forty6
    That was kind for him to do , he's one exceptional guy in this business, a frank and chatty character and most importantly a very honest person , imo you should have kept the Zoe and go for the zen black in the next order .
    There's so much options to play with the detachable version
  7. palestofwhite
    I needed to try for myself and see what the black edition was all about. That being said, I have a feeling I might get another ZOE sometime in the future, as a spare.

    I really like how VE tuned their stuff, and the fact that the original Monks brought me back to earbuds was very nostalgic and works well for me.
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  8. Forty6
    Tuning , drivers are the same , with a different shell , cardas cable make most of the sonic difference in the Zen , now that I got the Zoe , like you had experience, the black zen is on my next purchase for sure .
    A very addictive ear bud .
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  9. KevDzn
    Yup! Same here. The VE Monks completely changed my very low perception of earbuds. I have not touch my headphones and iems for a very long time now.
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  10. wazzupi
    What's a good next step up from nicehck eb2 ? Under 200 bucks preferred.
  11. handwander
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2018
  12. ClieOS Contributor
    Pretty sure I am one of the first to get it when it was first released as HY1000 almost a year ago, way before it was randomly renamed as HYCK100 by Ali seller. Also note that it now has two versions: one is said to have tuned for female vocal while the one is said to be more balanced.
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  13. DatClampTho
    Get a ZOE used just to mess with cables. I kinda wish I waited to get a ZOE used since they seem to pop up fairly often for cheapish. However I am glad I got mine new for the Zen LL and I'm sure I'll want to use the VE loyalty points toward something in the future... because I totally fell into the VE trap. Monk+ to Monk Lite SPC 120 to RA+(with Zen Lite) to ZOE(with Zen LL) and I love every single product. I can't take the ZOE with the 102ssc out of my ears.
  14. Forty6
    My recommended would be the 178usd zen2.0 omega edition .
    Also you can get another upgrade cable for the omega at 50% disc , and you're entitled with a pair of ZenLL earbud for free as well ,
    A very good deal and pricing for a TOTL earbud with freebies .
    Where to find such good deals?
    With the omega you got the freedom to play with the sound with different wires.
  15. palestofwhite
    I really like the ZOE with 102ssc cables. In fact I feel that VE should make the Zen 2.0 in this cable configuration as a default, instead of the regular red cables.

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