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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. mbwilson111
    don't encourage him... just don't!
  2. bavinck
    I was actually going to suggest blur when he was talking about the enveloping sound K600 gives. Guess I won't mention it then, good thing you stopped me.
  3. snip3r77
    Ebx vs mx500 vs pk2 shells? Which is the largest?
  4. mbwilson111
    You are all evil.
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  5. HungryPanda
    MX500 are the biggest shells
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  6. handwander
    Worldwide ban on mx500 and force a switch to docomo style
  7. chinmie
    you're right, he has enough K's earbuds already. i won't auggest him anymore. ..

    but i don't see one in your list, might you be interested on the gorgeously looking Samsara? :ksc75smile::ksc75smile:
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  8. doggiemom
    The Samsaras are really good. I like them so much that I bought 2: I carry one in my backpack for work, and the other is filed away in Case 7. :beyersmile: You could each get one!
  9. chinmie
    no way, i (and my large ears) like the MX500 shell better. overall more versatile sound possibilities than the yuin's
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
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  10. handwander
    Just layer them with like 8 pairs of foams until they fit!
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  11. chinmie
    yup, loving this, it has similar sound to my Puresound PS100-500, but has a touch more sheen and more lively sound while the PS100-500 is more balanced
  12. chinmie
    i have to call the multi foams experts like @DBaldock9 or @seanc6441 to do it, i don't have the patience :beyersmile:

    the yuins are great for mid focused and intimate sound though, and because of the size, when the driver is tuned to reach low, the sub bass would be tight and clear.

    not to mention the comfort. hard to compete with the yuins on that
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  13. bhima
    Personally, I'm just jealous that many on this forum can comfortably wear MX500 shells and basically anything below it--because MX500 shells offer the highest potential sound quality in this form factor currently. I really only like PK shells. Also, whatever the shell is in the MX760 graphenes work for me as well. Everything else is a little too big and gets annoying after awhile.
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  14. Lothar101
    Does anyone make shells larger than the MX500 ones for people with large ears?
  15. doggiemom
    Months ago I promised on the EA group to do a write up comparing the K's 500, 600, and Samsara editions. I neglected to follow through because of a combination of busyness and laziness. But now, just for @mbwilson111 and @HungryPanda, :smiling_imp::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: here is the long overdue comparison of (what used to be) K's Earphones TOTL models:

    K's Highend (or at least they were when I bought them and neglected to write this up) Shoot Out!

    Under consideration:
    ⦁ K's 600 Ohm
    ⦁ K's 500 Ohm
    ⦁ K's 300 Ohm, Samsara edition

    Soundstage: Winner is 600!
    ⦁ 500: Good
    ⦁ 600: Excellent
    ⦁ Samsara: Very good

    Imaging: Very tight race, but winner is Samsara!
    ⦁ 500: Good
    ⦁ 600: Excellent
    ⦁ Samsara: Excellent - slight edge over 600

    Build/aesthetics: Winner is Samsara!
    ⦁ 500: Nice cable that is comparable to the Samsara's, though the braids are tighter
    ⦁ 600: Thinner than the 500 and Samsara, appears fragile
    ⦁ Samsara: Excellent - looks sturdy and expensive​

    Notes from specific test tracks: All tracks were of at least CD quality, with two (Radiohead and Soggy Bottom Boys) at 24bit/96kHz. Source: PC (Tidal or JRiver) > McIntosh D1100 > Cavalli Audio Liquid Gold > earbuds

    Nuggets by Mura Masa: This is my test track for thumpy bass. The 600 win here for being impactful, with the Samsara a close second. The bass on the 500 is thumpy and clear, but not particularly impactful. Vocals sound best on the Samsara; on the 500 they are a bit thin. Percussion is a tad siblant on the 500.
    The System Only Dreams in Total Darkeness by The National: The 600 is the winner here. The trumpets and guitars sound a little sloppy and slow on the 500. Details are noticeable with the 600 that were missing with the 500. The Samsara has a more forward and full sound, which sacrifices some detail but makes for a more emotional presentation.
    Paranoid Android by Radiohead: The 600 and Samsara have good imaging and soundstage. Once again, the 600 are more detailed whereas the Samsara is more musical. Vocals sound recessed on the 500 by comparison, and the treble seems overly emphasized.
    A Man of Constant Sorrow by The Soggy Bottom Boys: The detailed presentation of the 600 works well with this track; the strings are plucky and life-like. Instrumental details are sacrificed for more emphasis on vocals with the Samsara. The 500 sound muffled by comparison.
    Call It What You Want by Taylor Swift: (Don't laugh, I like this song.) I don't like the way her albums are mastered; they are loud and sound sibilant with many buds. I am very sensitive to treble, and this track was too bright with the 500. The presentation of the 600 is closer to neutral, while the Samsara emphasizes the bass slightly.​


    The K's 500 are a visually appealing set of buds that are a nice introduction for those wishing to sample the K's high end lineup without springing for their TOTL models. In my opinion (YRMV), the 600 and Samsara editions outperform the 500s, though in different ways: the 600 are more accurate and detailed, while the Samsaras have a more fun and engaging presentation.

    All three models have a respectable sound stage and the accurate placement one should expect at their price point. For portable use, the 500 or Samsara are recommended over the 600. The Samsara is best suited to listening in a noisy environment.
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