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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. seanc6441
    Try using an impendance adapter to get the V20 into high impendance mode. I personally don’t think it offers improved sound quality but it does offer a boost in power. Which may be helpful for your mk2 :)

    The adapters are like $5 I think. Totally worth it and I’ll be grabbing one myself. Once I find the best one to buy.
  2. seanc6441
    Yep I said I may jump on the mk2 but if this one is as good I’ll 100% go for the comfortable yuin shell.

    Will patiently await your impressions. :)
  3. palestofwhite
    According to Adhi: "The PK32 is more for critical listening. It's not as "fun" as the MK series but has more detail and better soundstage."

    I'm still deciding between this and the MK1, but I maybe should stop at this point... :frowning2:
  4. seanc6441
    Wow sounds even better, but i’ll wait for chinmies impressions too, I have a fair idea of his preference and I also love quality extended treble :)

    Thanks for the heads up, I’m definitely interested in these!
  5. palestofwhite
    I was last quoted $40 for the PK32. They have not listed them on their site though... :D
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  6. Carrow
    My Willsound MK1 Rev. 2 say hello. IMG_20180518_145959.jpg
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  7. palestofwhite
    Please talk more about it!
  8. seanc6441
    That’s encouraging that it’s priced slightly higher but not ridiculously so. I can only hope that means it’s slightly better but we’ll see what chinmie thinks haha
  9. Carrow
    I don't have access to my main DAP at the moment but I'm sampling some tracks via my laptop and there is a LOT of bass. Pretty much what you'd want from the likes of this, from Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever:
  10. seanc6441
    TO400s + balanced output + VE donut foams = audio bliss

    I’m really surprised how much more neutral these sound in balanced with the 300mw output of my R6. But they haven’t got the bright hint I enjoy in my other buds at the top end.

    It’s not a very coloured sound at all, almost fully analytical so maybe not the most exciting in the bass or vocals.

    But it’s very honest, tight and detailed all over. The thick donuts really do help bring out the bass though. also keeping the slightly harsh mid to treble in check.

    It seems a very good seal is essential with these buds, they sound anemic without it in the bass and low mids.

    Although if you don’t plan on running them balanced or through a powerful source in my opinion they are nothing to right home about. So keep that in mind when you consider the price of the buds and a balanced cable :)
    Last edited: May 18, 2018
  11. LaughMoreDaily
    "I can't believe this guy put a couple green hats on me, I look so stupid now. I hope he never takes a selfie again."
  12. RuFrost
    With the laptop and BB Classic Q20 by themselves, I just could not understand why does bs1 official is hyped so much. Well, aks 1305p and BL with adapter and cable from printer (blue usb cable is fine, but in the end of the day sucks) make me understand. The action is going on in the body of earbuds itself and pouring out to the listener's ear. Good instrumental separation and amount of the air in the sound's picture. Soundstage is wide and have enough depth. Works for all musical genres. The 3d tumbler is usually on - extensions through the whole frequency' spectrum are better in this case. You actually start to feel how the music surrounds you. Instrumental music (the most complicated to be played on daps, dac\amps etc...groups such as "really slow motion", "two steps from hell", "audio machine" etc...) plays righly. BS1's presentation is very natural, balanced and very "living-like" experience.
    BS1 official puts you on the scene, in the centre of the band playing music. You like the spirit put in the middle of music. Bass is there, you feel it and it is quite speedy, but not hitting you nor punch in your face (I like to turn on extra bass tumblr of BL - it elevates a little bit, but very politely, without ruining or crossing the mids and highs). Voices are gentle and pleasant. Sounds really close to you (though it depends on composition and how close the singer moved to recorder). Positioning and virtual scene is good and accurate. Detalization is of high quality. Mids are airy and very round. No sharpness at all. Sincerely saying, due to its pleasant sound signature, it is hard to move from them to different earbuds. Though, Diomnes LV2 being pressed to the ear is still unbeatable by anything I have heard so far among all headphones. Bs1 official for 100$ is a real deal and would say even a steal. (I bought them used...so the price was even better for me)
    P.s: What a wonderful age in terms of technological development we are living in! Though, all this "progress" is usually used for the evil's benefit and done for the price of irrevocable killing our environments and molesting our souls, as we become as egoistic, selfish, prideful as hardly imaginable and it is not even bottom yet.

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  13. cqtek
    Today I received the Yincrow RW-9 purchased here:


    I appreciate that the packaging is original, although simple, it comes very well protected in its foam mold.
    It's accompanied by a synthetic leather case, although nice, inefficient (I prefer the typical zippered box).
    I chose the red color to distinguish them among so many of MX500 capsules that I have. I would have preferred the use of another type of capsule because I find it quite uncomfortable because of its large size.
    On the other hand I really like the red braided cable and the transparent L-connector.
    My first impressions after a couple of hours of listening:
    They are the first Yincrow I have and as far as I can read their predecessors are characterized by a bass profile.
    The RW-9 also have a powerful low range, although its profile is not so V-shaped because the mids are more advanced, for example, than the Vido.
    The treble is soft, it is not a bright earbud, nor is it characterized by great detail or great separation. But it has a very complete, full and enjoyable vocal range. In my opinion they aren't dark, are natural.
    Actually I can not say much negative about these earbuds because they have a profile that I like, warm, they have bass, the voices are present and they are natural, they aren't muddy or nasal, and the treble are soft.
    It would only add more separation and more detail. But it is something similar to the profile of the Fiio FH1 that I also own, the cut in treble causes those deficiencies.

    Of course full foam and donut does not help gain detail and transparency, but it does help me hold these big capsules in my ears.




    Last edited: May 18, 2018
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  14. seanc6441
    The bass is very intimate, but requires a perfect fit to get the really quality and dynamics, the treble is pushed wider and very naturally airy especially with jazz you can hear how well portrayed the sax is.

    I completely understand people not understanding the praise at first or if the fit seal and pairing isn't worked on. But I do think they can be really special under the right circumstances. I wish my ears were a little bigger to get a perfect seal with hiegi or thicker foam on these bud even as it stands I can work 90% of the SQ by over ear + trying different foam combos. Vocals get really euphoric with the right seal too.

    Infact, if im wishing for things I wish I could transplant these drivers into a 'black ling' type/size metal shell and lighten the cable by 20%... Because I honestly think these drivers are under optimised for most medium to small ears with this shell shape and heavy cable pulling the seal loose.

    I would pay $150 for these if they had a highly erogonomic metal shell design and took the cable weight down to reasonable levels...

    How crazy would it be for me to sand it down myself?... I may just be mad enough to try that lol!
    Last edited: May 18, 2018
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  15. ClieOS Contributor
    Have this for a couple of days now. It can be sum'ed up as the "improved Yincrow X6", mainly you still get a slightly V-shaped sound from the X6, but with a better textured and forwarded midrange, making it the most balanced of all tuning in the whole Yincrow's line-up. In fact, I think I like it ever better then RW-777 - given it is actually cheaper than RW-777, I think Yincrow has gotten itself a winner here.
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