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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. iJay
    Thanks for that! Sounds up my alley. Are the 150 ohm about the same?
  2. LukeVivolo
    Hello. I have an opportunity to buy a broken pair of Zen V1's. I am thinking that they just need to be re-cabled, but I am not sure. Has anyone had the drivers on the zen v1 fail? Also, can anyone recommend someone who could re-cable them? I don't really trust myself to do it. Thanks!
  3. HungryPanda
    The Seahf 150's are even better to me
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  4. chaiyuta
    @LukeVivolo : Where do you live? If the voice coil of drivers are disconnected, there are probably no way to fix. If you lucky enough that it is soldering issue of cables at the back of drivers, a repair guy could easily fix for you.
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  5. chaiyuta
  6. LukeVivolo
    I am in Florida. I have experience soldering, but I am more afraid of damaging the drivers when I take them apart. I don't know if they are held together with glue or something. I guess that the voice coils and the cable are the only possible points of failure. I was more looking for someone with experience in modding/recabling earbuds.
  7. doggiemom
    I received these last week. The positives:
    - Cable covering is thick and heavy, but the lack of coating after the split allows them to not fall out of my ears when moving around (unlike the CAX Black)
    - Sound stage is wonderful for a bud - excellent separation and imaging
    - Very detailed, as all of Herry's buds seem to be
    - Nice case, and CAX/Cypherus branding on the shells, splitter, and connector - I think that these little details set Herry's stuff apart from other DIY'ers in that they look professional

    But you are correct in that the treble is very bright. I wouldn't say sibilant, but definitely bright. Initially, that was the case with the Campfred 2s, but I do think that the highs mellowed over time, and now those are very enjoyable. So I suspect that the same will happen with the Zoom Fred. It does seem that a lot of people equate bright with detailed, so these will likely appeal to those who like a sound signature like the graphenes.

    So far I would say Black>Campfred 2> Zoom Fred, but I prefer a neutral to warm sound, and in fairness have not had the Zoom Freds long enough for more than a preliminary judgement.
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  8. chaiyuta
    @LukeVivolo : I have no idea who can repair it in Florida. But in my country, B_Rabbithifi is a notable repair shop one. Many foreigners sent their lovely earbuds for modding. Hope this helps.
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  9. LukeVivolo
  10. theresanarc
    After several months of usage, I have to say that I definetely prefer my Qian39's (or were they 25, whichever one was small) compared to the VE Monks (which are still great). I haven't really checked the forum lately though, any other earbuds in that cheap price range worth checking out that work well without a preamp?
  11. ClieOS Contributor
    I want to put in at least a couple of days worth of burn in first before judging BK blue - however, given the initial impression I'll say the difference is really much more subtle than the price would suggest (and remember BK blue is 2x the price). So if you already own a BK, I don't think there is any rush for a BK blue at the moment.
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  12. Raketen
    Suggest asking Alpha421 (Triton Audio Cables) or Peterek both here on H-F, both are US located, do recabling repair & mods. Though if it's actual driver damage probably not much that can be done.

    IDK if the Zen 1 is constructed same way but on Asura and Zen 2 drivers are attached/glued to the speaker grille which snaps on to the body and I think has some glue- I didn't have too much trouble prying it off directly but there is always risk of damage- there's an Earbud Modding thread around here somewhere that might have good advice too.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2018
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  13. LukeVivolo
    Thanks for the tip! I will check out the modding thread. Thanks!
  14. Guggga
    How do they compare to the willsound MK2? Are they brighter or warmew in comparison? Hows the Soundstage, is it immersive and 3D like the willsound? Do they sound big and thick like the willsound?

    Soery about so many questions!
  15. j4100
    I noticed reviews going back to Nov 2017 on the Faaeal Ali page

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