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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. redkingjoe
    Cygnus—> BK—> BK blue
  2. redkingjoe
    Cable makes huge difference in SQ of earbuds! That’s a well known fact!

    Starting from 1982, Sony made a lot of earbuds using different combination of diaphragm, cable, housing, etc.
    Eg Mdr e222, 232, 242, 252, 262, 272, 282,
    Mdr e 414...484,

    With all top Sony models employing class 1 lc-ofc!

    The Shozy BK uses high purity occ, the BK blue uses occ silver! The cable itself is the most expensive component of the whole earbud. If you go to eBay to check out Shozy cable, you know the price!
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  3. seanc6441
    There should be no crackling or popping. Make sure the audio jack is pushed in fully and looks in perfect condition. Also try a different song to confirm the crackling/popping.
  4. ClieOS Contributor

    Cygnus Limited, came after BK and before BK Blue. This is rarer than the BK blue, so I guess most don't remember or know about it.
  5. B9Scrambler
    Since they don't have proper strain relief going into the shells, just those colored metal extensions, I found the cable to wiggle around and make mild clicks when it touched the sides. Never loud enough to bother me though.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2018
  6. seanc6441
    Try them over ear, if it is the cable microphonics or clicking off the shell then that should be eliminated by wearing them this way for now.
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  7. mochill
    Make sure to clean the jack and connector
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  8. cathee
    Dipping out of work to catch the United v Sevilla game, detoured home to change and then....




    You guys think I have a shot of asking the guys at the bar to keep it down?
  9. groucho69
  10. Ceteru
    I had a revelation moment today (I've just been having "moment" after "moment" recently, I know).

    After picking up the BS1 and the HP-650 they've turning into my main listening buds, while my Monk+ were turned exclusively into commute buds (I ride a bike to work so I'd rather keep the BS1 out of the elements). I usually keep one bud in my right ear and keep the music at a manageable level so I can still hear everything I need. I almost never use them in both ears anymore.

    About 30 minutes ago, I got home from work and sat down to take off my shoes. A really good song came up in the rotation so without thinking I popped in the left Monk+ bud so that I could hear the music better.

    Man..after hearing my other two earbuds, the Monk+ sounds stuffy in comparison. It has more up-front bass than the HP-650 (but definitely NOT the BS1 to my ears at least), but it comes across as a bit overpowering and "overly warm" to use an audiophile term (which I try my best not to use :p) And the detail retrieval is nowhere near as close to either of the other two.

    I made the right choice relegating them to use for noisy commuting, because they're good enough for that, but for "serious" listening, they quickly fall behind other options out there. I would still recommend them to people who only have $5 to spend, but even that price range has better options, so...

    I call this a revelation moment because this was exactly how I felt when I first heard a pair of good headphones after exclusively using low-level Skullcandy IEMs. When I was using them (the IEMs), they were the best thing I had heard, but there was a lot more out there.

    I can't imagine what my reaction to some Campfred buds would be :beyersmile:
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  11. seanc6441
    I have a feeling the zoomfred may be your next purchase :)

    But you also need to hear the shozy bk sometime ^^
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  12. Ceteru
    Stop trying to empty my wallet, you robber :beyersmile:
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  13. seanc6441
    Ok do NOT I repeat NOT buy these earbuds! :p
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  14. audio123
    I am trying to position it well for the photo haha

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