Earbuds Round-Up

  1. SweetEars
    i think the white ones came with my new graphenes. they are bit thinner than the usual blue/red ones.. and a bit more transparent soundstage..
  2. seanc6441
    @RobinFood sorry didn't see it was for gaming. Probably not the cygnus then the staging isn't as big as you'd hope for.

    The Rose Masya has a great soundstage but the imaging is only mediocre IMO, so maybe not that either.

    The nameless may be a good shout for a more mid range price.

    I still think from what I've read the aurvana air may be an option for you.
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  3. Dark Helmet
    Samsara. They sound more mature, polished, warm with great speed and punch.
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  4. seanc6441
    Maybe I’ll have to check them again, I was sure the monk thins stretched thinner in use because they were more spongy/flexible and the cheap ones tend to just break if stretched too far. Maybe fresh ones are thinner on the cheaps but to me the monks in practice performed better. Narrow margins though, both sound good.
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  5. gazzington
    Thanks. Are they the best for around £100 or should I look at others?
  6. Dark Helmet
    You can buy it from whoever gives you the best price. I'm not sure that there are variances in the Samsara from seller to seller. I had to send 2 of them back as the first unit I had had a driver issue and the second had bubbles in the finish. Hopefully the third time is a charm. Look at Nicehck and ask for a better deal. Hope that helps.
  7. RobinFood
    I think I will try the aurvana. It is relatively cheap here, and this monday is Cyber Monday in Japan. I will pick it up if there is a good discount on it.
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  8. seanc6441
    Yes I didn’t realise you were in Japan, on the creative website the price is much lower I think like €45 equivalent in Japanese Yen. Might be the best deal.

    I think you can remove the earhooks if you wanted, not everyone likes them.
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  9. chellity
    Exactly this sentiment! they're great thin foams, not quite as delicate as monk foams which is great for me. They're also less scratchy than the fluffy foams. Comparing hiegi full foams to these, you can clearly hear the difference. The hiegis definitely do affect detail, but they make earbuds sound bassier and darker in return. I've hole punched some hiegi full foams with 2 tiny holes, and even then i'm able to hear the treble escape much more clearly. Just expect a few defective ones in a huge cheap bag of foams, not a big deal.

    So, it's all about matching the right foams to the right bud. I love these thin foams with my k's 300 pro since they can do a solid 20hz tone with sub bass EQ on my magni 3...they do not need excess bass. But with kineras, they're detailed and bright leaning, so hiegis foams balance them out pretty well even if detail is affected a bit. And even then, I always use sub bass EQ even though im no bass head...I just believe in the harman curve. I'd love to see some thin hiegis, or better yet, dual density foams for the best of both sides :p
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  10. Raketen
    Creative has a 30% site-wide sale ATM, unfortunately the Air is out of stock, tried to grab a pair myself the other day.

    From reading Danneq's comments the Yincrow 777 is looking pretty good though.
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  11. B9Scrambler
  12. waynes world
  13. SweetEars
    i just like state this to everyone using laptops that use embedded conexant smartaudio HD sound card and windows 10 . Sometimes u hear the sound as flat. that because of some bugs related to windows 10 services for the sound enhancements to work.

    restart the device or completely remove and reinstall the drivers for the proper services to start
  14. B9Scrambler
    300 USD. A little more expensive than the Mojito which I think is an equal on performance, however, the build quality, accessories, and presentation easily make up the extra cost.
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  15. SweetEars
    take out the blue/red ones and the white foams . put them side by side and look from sideways u can see the difference.... the white foams are in a way better in bass than the monk thin foams. Monks thin foams are way too thin and porous..

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