Earbuds Round-Up

  1. RobinFood
    Those sound like they are exactly what I am looking for from the reviews!
    Have you played any games with them?
  2. HungryPanda
    No I have not, but have watched movies with them and they sound great and are very comfortable
  3. chinmie
    try the Masya or Cygnus.
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  4. fairx
    to my ears, yes. Monk+ thin foam ain't bad but these new foam works even better in getting seal. I did not detect any issue the mids or highs overly reduced by the foams as I usually detected with normal full foam. Qian39, RX-1, tomahawk, sharp MD, eb200, ty 320, docomo all these earbud SQ mproves or inaffected. Except for vido which is still better with monk thin foam. IMHO YMMV

    I'm still waiting for the white foam. I ordered white earlier than my 2nd black foam but the black one already arrives. No idea when white will come as they're not tracked outside China.
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  5. j4100
    That was my intention as well, but I seem to have the bud bug.

    I noticed your comment about the Aliexpress links. I don't think there is any particular bias here. There are a couple of stores known to be very reliable and some offer additional discount for head-fi users or those on the store's FB page. There is one store that cannot be mentioned due to it being banned from Head-fi. Most users just post links from their usual stores. Of course, some earbuds are only available from one or two stores anyway. YMMV
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  6. gazzington
    Just so I know, which store is banned and why?
  7. HungryPanda
    W**E*sy for nefarious postings on Head-Fi
  8. B9Scrambler
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  9. waynes world
    Old graphenes.

    Which review? This one? Old graphenes:

    Or this one? New graphenes (your review):

    According to ClieOS, the nameless sounds similar to the old graphenes, but smoother, so they seem to be a safe bet to me as well.
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  10. gazzington
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  11. gazzington
    I have been very happy with all my purchases under €50 but am planning on a £100 purchase so want to ensure good quality
  12. seanc6441
    Nah. Monks are slightly clearer (thinner) and soften sponge. But these work great as a first layer if you want to apply a donut over it, then it doesn't need to be soft texture but is a considerably thinner than standard full foams.

    They are good for the price, they will be very serviceable and you get 100. What's not to like :) But they don't replace the VE monk thin foams if your picky about the texture and absolute most clairty IMO.
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  13. gazzington
    Hmm trying to decide between k samsara and rose mayla. Anybody own both to give impressions?
  14. seanc6441
    Shozy Cygnus. Neutral - warm 'analog' sounding low end, polite sub bass, slightly mid bass bump. Neutral midrange that's and quiet detailed and natural sounding, slightly upper mid/lower high's bump. Vocals are clear and medium bodied, both female and male vocals sound nice IMO. Lower treble is slightly moe prominent, upper treble slightly rolled off. Which gives you a nice sparkle without ever becoming peaky. Pair with Monk thin foam for best tonal balance and clarity.

    I have not heard te K702 but that's how it was described in a review to be somewhat similar to my cygnus. The cygnus goes for about $75 but you can get them in the FS section sometimes for $40-50.

    Another option that I cannot say for certain will be ideal but sounds like a good option for a more airy analytical sound would be the creative auvara air. There's some on ebay free shipping from Japan for about $70 I think. The original rrp was like $200 but it's an older model but apparently still good!
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  15. SweetEars

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