Earbuds Round-Up

  1. euge
    I think they're all just copper, maybe silver plated. Not sure, or just silver colour painted over lol

    If you look at all the silver cables sold separately, they cost 3-4 times the price of the graphene.
  2. chaiyuta
    It sounds weird. Previously I saw him post that he was in Western countries (look like he is travelling) then come back and post his own 64Ohm earbuds pictures. Could you try to add him as friend in Facebook?
  3. intdev

    A couple of years ago, I started looking for some portable headphones. On that quest, I found the VE Monks and ordered one to try. These were easily the best earbuds I had ever tried, and I was over the moon considering the price I paid for them. I immediately ordered 4 more. I use them very roughly. I am down to my last pair now (broke 4 of them, lost 1).

    Before ordering more of these, I started researching about other earbuds and found out this thread and many others. I was surprised to find that the monks are considered bottom tiers! I have read pretty much this entire thread I am looking for some help, especially considering the 11.11 sale! Let me start by giving some background.

    Music: I listen to pretty much every genre. Classic rock, alternative, indie, hip hop, electronic, country, bollywood. Anything and everything except death metal/screaming type of music. So I am looking for versatile, all rounder earbuds.

    Source: Most of the time, just my android phone.

    Budget: $50

    After reading this thread and many others, I have sort of narrowed it down to buying EMX500 and one other pair.

    Two pairs I have shortlisted are:

    1) NICEHCK DIY Graphene
    2) Boarseman MX98s

    Which one do you think will suit my needs better? Are there any other ones that you guys think I should consider?
  4. HungryPanda
    Seahf awk-f32t
  5. SweetEars
    which one should i order? the last 2 seems to be a dollar more expensive.
  6. euge
    I doubt they sound any diff from each other, the last one has mic, I chose the transparent silver cause I like the thicker more solid looking plug.
  7. SweetEars
    the last 3 versions have their wires enclosed in plastic?
  8. euge
    yeah so does the braided one... I think, you wouldn't leave wires exposed
  9. SweetEars
    sorry i dont understand. so all the versions have wires are braided but some of them are enclosed in plastic?
  10. euge
    here are some wire examples lol point is they all sound the same pick one u think looks good
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  11. SweetEars
    i just ordered the blue graphene mx760...
  12. chaiyuta
    Not sure I can answer in the right direction of your question. Mostly DIY don't have a big lot of stocks not only DIY products in Thailand but also Indonesia's, Singapore's, etc. I tried to introduce everyone here that in my country there are still some interesting DIY earbuds which some people here might be interested. (and some guys here already purchased with satisfaction e.g. BDE, BLE, V-Master, etc.)Apart from DIY earbuds product, I have no idea about your shopping experience at Thailand though they're just case by case. Otherwise, you are going to make national criticism, aren't you?
  13. Orac
    I found their AliExpress store, weirdly they seem to have the 11:11 page in Spanish which really screws up browsing, but there isn't anything there I will buy today. I don't see any DAPs at compelling sale prices either, and there aren't good tablets on sale for the old folk. The sale is a bit of a disappointment overall.

    Unless I stumble onto something I definitely want right now I'll have to wait and see what happens during the Black Friday sales and maybe in the new year.

    Just remember that a deal offer is only a bargain if it's something that you actually do want. If you're buying things you don't need/want then you're just being suckered into sale fever.
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  14. euge
    why the blue one
  15. SweetEars
    the new niceHCK graphene maybe the has more sub bass i presume due to the frequency range of 10hz??

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