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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. seanc6441
    My version is the brown/gold cable but I think the silver/white sounds the same.

    Cable 1, the black rubberised one is a two part connected cable and someone on the reviews said it sounded darker.

    Buy whichever you feel like I think the SQ doesn’t change especially in version 2/3.
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  2. waynes world
    Time for me to start staying away from this thread! :)
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  3. RodRevenge
    I will be getting the same as you then, love the look.
  4. j4100
    Out of interest, are there other sale days on Aliexpress like 11.11?
  5. seanc6441
    Yes the pk2 shell's and braided/twisted cables look very classy. Like that old school retro look.

    Although I will never look at these cheaper twisted cables the same way again after beholding the stardusts braided shimering brown cable. Looks and feels amazing.

    I swear they do some things like treble and timbre as good as the stardust, listening to strings is just wonderful. The EMX500 was too unnatural sounding coming from this earbud and I don't listen to EDM to appreciate the digital/synthetic sound even if it is better as bass extension and soundstage.

    Anything natural like guitar and vocals some 10/10 and after I modded them the bass is balanced with the mids and high's.

    A/Bing my modded pk2 with my stardust ($20vs120) if you weren't analyzing the sound and just enjoying the music you wouldn't feel disappointed having to swap between the two. It's only when you're looking out for the differences in soundstage/imaging/resolution and extension do you hear the difference. That's more praise for the pk2 than a sleight for the Stardust. They just both share the same signature now.

    It's worth your money, burn them in though :)
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
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  6. rahmish
    I tried them and they really good, good separation, punchy bass, sounds really well even on my Zishan Z1, so despite its high impedance not necessarily needs amp, but sounds better amped
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  7. KookaBurrra
    What is the modd, exactly?
  8. KookaBurrra
    What is the modd, exactly?
  9. seanc6441
    - Drill bass port of 1.5mm in the bottom in the gap between the grille and the stem of the housing (if was doing it again I'd drill 3 x .5mm or whatever the smallest drill bit size is to allow for the vent's always open for different ear shapes to avoid blocking the vent, but one did work for my ear luckily).

    - Apply a tiny bit of paper filter over the bass port to fine tune the bass 'boom' and keep the sound bouncing through the housing like intended.

    - Use some kid of epoxy or filler to semi block the back vent with tiny dabs on each side. This is a fix to an issue caused when drilling the bass port which sacrifices the punchy tight mid bass and low mids in return for a emphasised sub bass deep and deeper tonality. Semi blocking this back vents returns some of the punchiness and brings forward the mids high's. I thought this would cause a loss of airiness which this earbud doesn't have in abundance anyway, but it didn't seem to have any negative effect if you don't narrow the vent the sound remains the same in width and air. You apply the dabs left and right of the centre, dividing the 1 vent into 3 smaller vents.

    If you're actually attempting this yourself I'll take pictures to demonstrate. I need to buy an epoxy or filler because currently I just tested it with blu tack which would be an ok temporary solution.
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  10. Orac
    nevermind, found what I need...
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  11. KookaBurrra
    Great !! Thanks for explanation. :)
  12. letlive
    Any recommendations for a Bud with Mic? I already have the EMX500 and Vido. Thanks!
  13. chellity
    I love lurking on all the earbud enthusiasm in this thread :) I'm not so active here, but I always try to show people irl why earbuds are better.

    So i'm trying to limit myself one earbud for 11/11. I took a gamble on the clear mx760s soon after they came out and posted here long ago, so i've been enjoying those so much with a cayin n3 that pairs with it perfectly. I also love k's 300 pro for home use, they are power hungry but I can see why some people on EA think these were used to make Blurs. If you dont have some high impedance buds to try, don't sleep on k's 300 pro.

    I also have a pk2/vido, so I guess the one earbud archetype im missing is a bassy mx500? I'm guessing the emxs-500 is too new to know anything about? I think i'll have to try this one blindly.

    But look what Jim just listed on his store: clear graphenes with the different cables, like the emx500 cable! and one with a MIC! I might have to get the one with a mic later.

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  14. waynes world
  15. miroslav
    It is close to midnight over here and I'm blasting Motorhead's take on Cat Scratch Fever through my Vido while trying to make a decision on my 1111 move.

    I like Vidos but only after extensive sound tweaking in order to tame that ridiculous amount of not so tight bass and clear up things in the middle and top end. They're banging quite all right now, although they will never ever completely lose that bouncy bass kick. These buds want to party all the time.

    I think I'll go with VE Monk Plus for more neutral sound and Headroom MS16 for something completely different (according to what I read about them). I'll leave Graphene or pk2 for another round because joy is to travel not to arrive. :ksc75smile:

    On a side note - We had our little hi-fi show last weekend and I had a chance to try full size wallet killers such as Senn HD800s, HD650, HD600, Focal Elear and Denon AH-D7200 (took some photos here) and honestly I didn't really like any of them. I have no Idea what went wrong, they probably weren't broken in properly. Blessed are the people who make nice earbuds that cost peanuts.
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