Earbuds for balanced audio

  1. Nejakabo
    Do earbuds for balanced audio exist?
    Something with detachable cables or an attached cable with 4 contact TRRS connector?
  2. cossix
    I'm sure it exists, but I doubt it would make much of an improvement, especially if you're using them in public or walking around. I'd suggest crossing that off your list of priorities if you're in the market for new earbuds
  3. buke9
    I myself can’t stand earbuds for more than 2 hours so I can’t recommend any and I know there is a big following of the Yuin PK1 I can’t bring myself to buy them as I do not like earbuds. I can’t say I have seen a pair of earbuds that have replaceable cables there might be some just haven’t seen them.
  4. Nejakabo
    There are improvements it is guaranteed to make. It would spare me the expense, storage burden, and hassle of multiple sets of cables.
    They would be for when I am in a quiet environment. CIEMs are for when I'm in a noisy one.
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  5. Nejakabo
  6. Nejakabo
    There are only 2 at Penon which appear not to be a modification.

    OURART Ti7 at 80$ with the balanced cable. Uses MMCX connectors on the bud. Reviewed here.
    and the Shozy BK with built in cable.
    I guess that is all that exists in the English speaking world. I looked on Amazon also. They are a mess.
  7. rkw
    Two more with MMCX connectors (I have both of these) are Senfer PT15 and Yinman 600.
    The earbuds from Venture Electronics (Monk, Zen, Asura) have a choice of TRS or TRRS: https://www.veclan.com/ve_eng_index
    You need to shop on Aliexpress.com.
    Quite a few earbuds on Aliexpress are available with choice of TRS and TRRS cables (on the webpage, the variants are listed as different "colors").

    The best place to post questions about earbuds is the earbuds thread: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/earbuds-round-up.441400/
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  8. Nejakabo
    I am not permitted to post there.

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