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"Ear Kegs" - MusicMaker Phantom III / Shockwave III appreciation & impressions

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  1. rebbi

    Glad you were able to make some improvement. I got a pair of KEF M200's and I'm super happy. :)
  2. w3nj13
    Anybody has comparison between Havi B3 Pro 1 and SWIII?

    Anybody in Singapore able to meet and share a listening lesson with these kegs?

    Thanks in advance. Cheers!
  3. Skullophile
    I'm selling my kegs to buy mmcx ear kegs! Because I've gone
    balanced (corksniff).
  4. talan7
    Finally got my main rig up and running. SW3 sound phenomenal on it. The highs are tame and smooth and the bass goes really deep.

  5. Skullophile
    Nice Ifi stack! My new rig is a Shanling M1 feeding a V2+ which feeds the Gleam/Nice HCK DZ9's.
  6. talan7

    Havi B3 aren't even in the same league. I have them, they are a good budget iem, but not comparable to SW3. B3's have no bass at all.
  7. Jaxown
    Hey guys! Just picked up some SWIII's on Ali for the 11.11 sale for under $200 with a ton of extra tips, pretty pumped to hear them.  I'm currently running some HIFIMAN HE-400's off of a Fiio E17 (been running that set up for about 3 years or so, been really happy with it).  Has anyone had any experiences with pairing the SWIII's with the e17?  Cheers!
  8. MrNick
    Any comparison to ibasso it03?
  9. nealh
    Is there any microphonics with the cabling? (I had to return a a pair of 1More Triple driver as the microphonics was nuts even over the ear).
    Can they be worn over the ear?
  10. Lurk650

    From what I remember, low microphonics when down and yes they can be worn over ear.
  11. nealh

    Can assume there was no microphonics when over the ear.

    by the way did you sell yours or just had a test unit? Just curious why you might not still own them.

  12. notamethlab
    Maybe the mmcx version would suit you best. You can swap out the cable for something like the LZ A3 or A4 (about $10 USD) cable which have little to no microphonics.
  13. Lurk650
    I borrowed TwinACStacks pair for review
  14. nealh

    Thank you for the advice I appreciate it. I am concerned about the detachable cables as I've heard some horror stories. But that is definitely something I have to consider too
    Lol. Too many choices
  15. mynamesjeff
    As i'm from Australia it was extremely hard to get Auvio tips as recommended here by Twin however i found an Ebay seller that sold them and sent me the large silicone tips and TWIN, you are correct, these are a must IMO. Mids come out a bit more and it has really tamed a bit of the sibilance sss sounds that were one of my only grips with the SW3s. CHVRCHES and Grimes who i listen to alot were awesome tests to test the sibilance and it has been greatly reduced with the Auvios. incredible 3d Soundstage is still there and bass still impactful without bleed. 
    So happy with the SW3 Auvio tips (large) combo. Thanks for the advice Twin.
    Lurk650 likes this.
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