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"Ear Kegs" - MusicMaker Phantom III / Shockwave III appreciation & impressions

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  1. holsen
    Been listening to the SW III for a couple of hours now with the Complies, and I'm really quite pleased with them. ALL the harshness is gone and I dont even think they've been through the suggested 350 hrs.
  2. larry piencenaves

    Hello, just wanna ask a question, did you feel the 3d wide soundstage in your initial impressions? coz i cant feel it on my fixed cable version.
  3. holsen
    In some, songs not all. Listen to a good recording of Whole LottaLove by zeppelin and listen as the guitar pand left and right. This afternoon. I was listening to a live record g of Dave Matthews and all of a sudden I heard a voice, looked over my shoulder and realized it was someone in the recording audience. I wouldn't call them 3D but I'd say with the right Track it's got great imaging.
  4. roy_allan79
    Yes it does take some time. I first noticed the 3d effect while testing it with Money for Nothing and Roundabout (Steve Wilson Remix).

    Try to listen to it also with the live version of Paul Gilbert's Roundabout and Atmosphere on the Moon off his solo album Vibrato.

    Hope this helps.
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  5. sareer007
    Could you compare tin p! and sw3 ?
  6. jon parker
    They are quite different sound signatures. Hard to explain. The SW3's are one the best hybrid tuned IEMS I have ever heard from outside the more well known western IEMs. The low end is spectacular . . . as is everything else!
    The P1's have the classic neutral, balanced tuning of Tin Audio with all the benefits of a planar - They have THE best rendition of cymbals I have ever heard
    Its not easy to compare them without giving a whole explanation of the benefits and characteristics of dynamic driver, armature drivers and planer drivers! Suffice it to say they both are at the top of their game though.
    If you read the reviews here of SW 3 you get an accurate idea of what they are
    One thing I have noticed is how good the bass is on my P1's now after a good burn in. Some people said they had no bass??
  7. sareer007
    Which one has better instrument seperation, imaging and resolution ?
  8. jon parker
    They are both excellent at all three
    the P1 I would say is more technically clean, precise and in some ways 'true-er' to the actual audio
    the SW 3 is a lot more about the energy and joy of the music

    What is your preference - do you listen to music more or to the audio itself more?
    If you are more of an Audiophile I would FIRST buy the P1
    If you are more of a Music lover I would FIRST buy the SW 3 !

    Also, it maybe depends on the quality of your source as well. the P1 really shines when you play it though a descent DAP
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2019
  9. sareer007
    I mainly listen to instrumental music then some rock and pop and some Indian music as well

    Yeah I am kinda like an audiophile as I always want good layering, resolution and imaging

    Thanks for the replies
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2019
  10. jon parker
    Its difficult in this case to say which would be 'best' as they both offer something quite different and are both outstanding in their fields
    Maybe start with the P1 as it costs a bit less? I can't really recommend one over the other as, for me, they are both in the realm of 'I will never sell them' !
    Just buy both! - Even if you didn't like them they both have great resell potential
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  11. holsen
    Both of these IEMs are exceptional but the y are very different for me they will have different uses. They both have great fullness and great clarity BUT after a really good listening session with the SW3 this afternoon, I think I put it like this (and its not a perfect analogy) If these IEMs were TVs the Tonekings would be HD the P1s would be 4K the difference her being resolution - the absolute expression of detail. The P1s clarity and resolution is insanely good. They have great micro-detail with sound dancing all over the place and really good bass (not sub bass) after they have broken in. The good news about that is that the bass does not over take the mids and treble. The Tonekings have tons of bass, big bass but not overpowering bass. I am not a Basshead but I love the bass these things put out. They have good mids and good treble and like I said in another post, the treble is harsh, until you work out the right tip and seal for you. With a great seal, you get great full spectrum sound, If i were to overgeneralize I'd put it like this. Toneking = Really fun full sound. P1 = Precise aural bliss. Toneking when I'm out and about where I can enjoy awesome sound not drowned out by environment. P1 = Glass of wine or scotch or perhaps an espresson, sitting at home getting swept up by all the detail and being drwn to sheer joys or even tears by the magnificent sound stage. I'm keeping them both and will use them differently. If budget is an issue and you can only have one, get the Toneking - its more versatile in terms of the environments you can use it in.
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  12. holsen
    Let me add this. I recently learned of a new IEM called the oBravo Cupic and DD Planar hybrid. Its new but the early reviews are very good. oBravos IEMs start at $6000 and go upto $10000. This one is is $270 and meant to be entry level but by all accounts ther's nothing entry level about it except the price. I just bought it. It could be the best of both worlds. I'll know the end of August.
  13. larry piencenaves

    Some reviews of the p1 are quite the opposite tho, saying that theres too much treble, anemic sub bass and narrow stage, thats why I bought the sw iii instead, btw anyone here bought or even tried the toneking bl 1 planars? it was released earlier than the p1 but never get any recognition.

    On a side note: the blon bl 03 is incredibly good for its price, even wider stage than my still burning in sw iii, also very analytical clarity with no harshness with good low frequency response, the only problem is the short nozzle and pathetic stock cable and tips but mods will fix it, this might be even better than my 9way (although not the same sound signature) as Im continuously comparing them right now. You should check it out guys. and its really cheap too, might be the best price to performance ratio iem I have right now.

    Sw iii update: after about 40 hours of burn in, the sw iii sub bass is now present, hits similar if not harder than my b8s now, these kegs do really benefit from burn in. treble region however stays as is with very minor sibilance and somewhat artificial sounding.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2019
  14. larry piencenaves
    Just changed to spinfit tips on my blon bl03 and.......You know what I might sell my 9way.

    Snappier low end, better highs and soundstage
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2019
  15. roy_allan79
    P1 and sw3 are just different. P1 is revealing while sw3 is musical. I like both and will keep them as it serves different purposes. The p1 also have outstanding bass. And the instrument separation is just outstanding.

    if i have to choose, i'll still choose the sw3. It fits my listening tastes perfectly.

    hope this helps. Ymmv.
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