Ear Impressions
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May 30, 2009
I just contacted an audiologist and she said that she does ear impressions for $40. Is this a good price or should I keep looking. I've contacted several audiologists and most of them charge about $50 or $60. So is $40 a good price?
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It seems to vary greatly to be honest, some places i tried (here in the UK) wouldn't even do impressions unless they were also selling me a product. In the end i lucked out and found a place within walking distance of where i work that did them for £10.
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$40 is about average. That is one of the lowest prices that I found when I was at college on the east coast, but when I got back to the midwest I found someone to do them for $25. Either way, $15 isn't that big of a hit ontop of customs, which are at least $300. I would say just go for the $40 ones. They won't come much cheaper.

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