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EACE LOD to RCA cable.

  1. Paul Graham
    This Review has been put off for a while due to ill health.
    SORRY Dennis!
    Anyway, Dennis sent me this cable to review for him and is the second cable he has sent me.
    Just like the first time it turned up very quickly from over seas and well packaged. The quality of the cable is really good and something you would expect from a more expensive item. The parts and materials used are of a very good quality and are implemented with fantastic workmanship.
    You can tell Dennis takes pride in his work before you even plug this into anything.
    For myself, This cable and its length make it perfect for use in the car or as a direct to amp on the downstairs system.
    There is no audible hum, hiss or noise and the cable offers a very transparent signal similar to the LOD I last reviewed for him.
    Ive had this a good 4 weeks now, If not longer and again, I will stress it is getting better with time, NOT in a big way, But the subtle difference in signal is noticeable to myself, And specifically when paired with the rest of my gear it adds to the larger difference in the long run.
    The only gripe I have is the Sleaving has fallen out of the heatshrink on the Idevice end. 
    This imo is a small factor and can be corrected with a slightly longer sleeve. At the end of the day it doesnt take away from the quality of the sound!
    Again a thumbs up for a brilliant cable, That at a lower cost can easily play with the big boys :)
    3302653.jpg 3302650.jpg
    3302633.jpg fe2cc1e0_DSC_6664.jpg

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