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E88CC Tesla Gold Pin Tubes - matched pair and balanced

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  1. raf1919
    For Sale
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    Pair of Tubes I got from overseas. Have less than 20hrs on them. They sounded amazing in the Lyr2. looking for 60/pair shipped.

    PICS https://photos.app.goo.gl/MwW8mzcAHoWRoqAU9

    from original seller..

    New Old Stock

    E88CC Tesla - Gold pin

    (Matched Pair and Balanced!!!)

    100% High quality

    White printing, Code 32, Gold Grid, Gold pin

    One matched pair and very well balanced Tesla E88CC - not some fake like JJelecronics!!! This is original Tesla tube.

    Tesla use same construction like a Telefunken. The sound of E88CC is amazing, smooth, balanced, low distortion. Gold pin!

    Every tube we sell is tested by our tube tester uTracer!!!

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