e2c flex sleeves wear out???
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Apr 9, 2005
Hi all,

Either I have a bad fit or the single flex sleeves have worn out, but my e2c's seem really loose and the bass is gone. I don't have the original tips as I bought from a fellow Head-Fi member and they only came with the medium. So I am wondering if I need to go up to a large or try to find some mediums to try out. I wonder if anybody here would happen to have some of the large size tips that they could send me to try out. I just don't want to pick up the wrong size and be totally useless.

On another note I am wondering if the brightness is from the fact that I don't use the wax screens any more. My e2c's never get that much wax buildup from me, but I do clean the tips with some hydrogen peroxide and take a Q-tip to the actual tubes. I have had these for years, but I have just now really been listening to them as my 580's are down at the moment.
Compared to the smoothness of the 580's these just seem like they are lacking any type of low end and detail.
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Are they loose in your ear, or on the stem?

I've had my soft flexs on for about 3 months heavy usage and they are becoming loose on the stem. So I'm guessing they get a bit softer over time. Definitely have to change them before one ends up lodged in my ear forever

Loose in your ear, I would definitely go up a size. I also produce a truck-load of wax so I'm changing fliters on my ER6i's at about the same rate as the tips - every 3 months or so.
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They are loose in my ear. The sleeves still fit snug on the stem and I have no problem when pulling them out the tip coming off the stem. It I put some slight pressure pushing them in farther on both sides I can hear more solid low freq's and mids. Because of that is why I am wondering if I need large tips and if someone has some larges they are not using.
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I guess nobody has a pair of large flex sleeves they can part with?
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crewchief, I had the same problem with my e2c's. It seems that the sleeves slowly stretched my canals to a larger size, and I eventually had to use the larger ones. I switched to the harder transparent tips and they seemed to make the problem even worse. My e2c's eventually died, and I moved to Super.fi 5 Pros, and never looked back (good riddance).
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Ya my e2c's are on the verge of dying as they are intermittent at the plug which causes the right side to cut in and out. That is one of the reasons why I don't want to put any money into them as I have gotten my moneys worth out of them. More than likely I will just throw them out when they die for good, but I need them to hang on until I get my 580's back up and running.

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