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E-MU Wooden Series Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bearmonster, Sep 22, 2015.
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  1. showme99
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  2. xanlamin
    Thanks a lot!
  3. gazzington
    For anyone interested I have a set of these for sale or trade on here
  4. xanlamin
    Hi, is it ebony?
  5. gazzington
    No it's a lighter wood colour
  6. gazzington
  7. gazzington
    Noticed mine have a little crack in the wood (no longer for sale), can I fix with a little wood glue?
  8. Thepickleweed
    Do these tend to leak more than the th-x00's cause of the wood thickness? and are they generally a bit more fragile on the cups since the wood is so much thinner?
  9. King CATalyst
    Just purchased a pair! Now i just need to know where/how i buy the rosewood and ebony cups?
  10. tcellguy

    Make sure to check your spam filter. For some reason Chan's emails went to spam first.

    I got the rosewood cups but haven't gotten around to putting them on. I'm a little nervous actually about how many times the screws can go in/out of the drilled holes.
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  11. dafos58
    I got the E-Mu Teak through Massdrop 6 months ago. I'm still more and more enjoying these. I'm most impressed about the instrument seperation. Great natural and fast bass, mids and cristal clear highs, all bundled in a light weighted and great looking headphone. If you can afford, get it, get it, get!!!
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  12. AmpingUp
    I've had mine from the last drop also on Massdrop. These are one of my favorite closed backs I've listened to. They continue to impress me every time I put them on. I think I will invest in some ebony cups now, I have the Rosewoods currently. Does the wood affect their sound or odd it purely cosmetic?
  13. Corleone
    They leak noticeably more, mostly from the outside into the cans and not the other way around. I'm certain it's attributed to the much thinner cups. Both the finish and the wood itself is a lot more fragile than the mahogany and ebony cups of the TH-X00 (I've never owned or tried the PHs). It's important to understand that while teak is strong, it's also a lot softer to the touch than the other alternatives. The tough mirror finish of the TH-X00 is also why they can take more of a beating compared to the Teaks. I wonder if they use some sorta polymer finish on the TH-X00-series.

    The drivers are most probably voiced/tuned differently, but the way air is vented through the chambers means that the properties of the material and it's thickness most certainly has some effect on the resulting sound. How much is definitely up for discussion tho!
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2018
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  14. King CATalyst
    Does anyone else get shorts in the connectors regularly?(I've seen reports of it being a common issue)Anyway to remedy the issue?
  15. Pharmaboy
    I owned & sold the Teaks, but only because of the comfort, not good for me. The sound was very good, though.

    I did plenty of research on all the E-Mu offerings, and what I kept reading was that the teak earcups had different interior & exterior dimensions than the rosewood & ebony--specifically, thinner outside-facing wall & more internal volume. This is said to impart the somewhat different sonic character to the Teak variant than any others (ie, more organic, slightly relaxed sound, top-to-bottom; bass that's still really excellent, but with just a bit less sub-bass & a bit more mid- and upper-bass than, say, the TX-00s.

    As I also owned and sold the TX-00s (that grainy/elevated treble hurt my ears), I believe the teak earcups make this headphone into something good in a way no other earcup options can.

    I would take the E-Mu Teak in a heartbeat over any of the other earcup options...
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