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E-MU 1212m and Windows 8? Do they work?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by jazzjackrabbit, Dec 4, 2012.
  1. JazzJackRabbit
    Yes, I own the E-MU 1212m, the old PCI version, not PCIe. Currently I'm using it in windows 7 purely as a playback device, I do not record or master anything. All I do is watch movies and listen to music. I use both SPDIF to route sound to external amplifier and speakers and I also use analog out to route music to amplifier with HD600.
    My computer is getting old so I'm thinking of upgrading it and putting Windows 8 on it. Does anyone know if E-MU 1212m PCI will work in Windows 8? Has anyone tried it already? Will SPDIF and analog outputs work?
    Thanks. Just really really do not want to buy another sound card...
  2. jim3535
    I just got Windows 8 setup yesterday. I have the old PCI version of the 1212m as well. From what I can tell the Vista x64 drivers and patchmix work on Windows 8 Pro (x64). I don't use the digital inputs / outputs, just the analog ones.
  3. kyotousa
    I am gonna try this, I use the beta one...mad distortion, it's driving me crazy
    Did you uninstall onbaord soundcard driver?
  4. kyotousa
    Did not work...tried both beta and official drivers...SOL
  5. JazzJackRabbit
    Well, to reply in an old thread of mine, I ended up getting Xonar STX and sold my 1212m on ebay. Surprisingly it still fetched $130+ I think.
    Funny how as late 2010 people were whining about PCIe sound cards because "too many people do not have PCIe" slots. Except even in 2010 most new motherboards had more PCIe slots than PCI, now it's practically impossible to find a decent motherboard with PCI slot. They should have seen the writing on the wall, but didn't...
    On another note, I'm really pissed off at Creative for letting E-MU die. I've seen creative reps on the creative forums saying they're working on E-MU drivers, but I just don't see it, the last release for 1212m was three? years ago, the last release for 0404usb two? years ago. I need to sell my 0404usb before it completely loses its value and get something that will be supported in the future...
  6. zimou13
    I'm building an automation system for a small station and am looking at soundcards. Most of my experience is with ASI and Digigram. Both of those cards are too expensive for the station's budget. I'm looking at the Delta 44, mostly because I have experience with it. However, I'm also interested in the E-MU 1212m. Can anyone weigh in the E-MU? I would appreciate any experiences with either card. Finally, I'll be using analog outs. Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018

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