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Dynamic IEM's

  1. Yoloni
    I've had the Triple.fi 10's for about 3 months now, but I could never appreciate its sound. It sounds amazing when I listen in my bed, but it just doesn't sound good when I'm on a train to school.
    I guess that I prefer the dynamic IEM's fun sound. What would be one of the top-tier IEM's? I was thinking about Sennheiser IE8's, but I want to know about other earphones also.
    Reading a lot of reviews, I know have a little more explanation of what I want to hear.
    I guess what I want is bass like Monster Turbines, more forward mids than the TF-10's, but still have crisp highs like the TF-10's.
    Some of the earphones I'm considering are in no particular order: Atrio M5 with the MG7 driver, IE8, MTPG (MTPC is probably too expensive.), Radius DDM (The old one.).
    I'm kind of curious of the Westone 3 or UM3X because of so much talk in Head-Fi, but I think the sound will disappoint me. (I do like their look compared to the TF-10's. They look very comfortable.)
  2. Berkovajazz
    Try Monster Turbine. I was going to them from UE Triple10 and became more satisfied:)
    Thay are very good to me. You can read application threads about Turbine/Gold/Copper/Miles.
    My device was iTouch4G.
    If you want better seal and isolation with TripleFi try Sony Hybrid eartips or Shure Olives.
    Best Regards:)
  3. Kunlun
    Monster turbine pro line, gold/copper/miles davis, Future Sonics Atrio with new MG7 driver, Sony EX-1000
    These should all be good for you with decent isolation and great (but different) sound signatures. Do some research and figure out what you want to hear.
  4. yello131
    JVC HA-FX700
    Radius DDM W11 or newly release W21
    Sony EX1000
  5. Anaxilus
    The above plus RE-Zero, RE242/252/262/272.  If you need isolation for the train forget the DDM, EX1000, FX700.  IE8 has mixed isolation results.
  6. Yoloni


    Well, the triple.fi's feel to analytical to me. I like IEM's that are more fun. Deep bass is what I want I guess.
  7. Kunlun


    Atrios or miles davis, then. Let 'em burn in for about 100 hours on a reasonably loud, varied playlist and enjoy.
  8. Yoloni


    I wish these IEM's were cheaper. I got the TF10's for $145 while the the Monster's and IE8's cost around $200.
  9. shotgunshane Contributor
    I would be interested in what some of the DD enthusiast think are the DD equivalent of the TF10 sound sig.  As mvw2 says, they are mindlessly fun.  I find myself liking both technologies for different reasons and I'm through upgrading for sound quality.  I'm just upgrading to be upgrading and want to try new phones that sound like they'd be interesting to me.
  10. seanmo
    I had the w3's( which are supposedly fairly similar to tf10's) and the panny hje900 at the same time about a month ago and found them to have similar, slightly V shaped sound signatures.  Good bass, good highs and slightly recessed mids.  The panny's were also very fast bass-wise similar to a BA iem.  Just my own opinion.
    The panny's compared quite well to the w3's but had a noticeably smaller soundstage.
  11. Yoloni
    I'm kinda interested in the new DDM's, but they're too expensive. Wish I would be able to actually listen to them.
  12. JFan
    Edit : nvm they raised the price.

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