Dynamic driver and hybrid IEMs w/ good to excellent isolation
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Yes, I wanted a thread where we could gather dynamic or hybrids with good isolation - because generally they are vented and have poor isolation (at least many of them), whereas this is generally not an issue with the BA based IEMs

Right. So, maybe all of the top models are sealed (like sealed speakers). Or, if they DO have vents, maybe they don't vent from the space between the driver and eardrum. It would be great to know this, because if it was true, you could get a good idea about isolation just by looking at an iem's design. Can anyone help?
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EDIT: Whoops! Didn't realize this thread was creating a list haha.
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Wow! This thread isn't getting any traction.

In the spirit of trying to find general design characteristics that would result in a dynamic or hybrid iem with good sound isolation, here is a Shure SE315 schematic: https://522bb370f5443d4fe5b9-f62de2...re/upload/102/SE315-exploded-view-english.pdf

The vent/port comes from the back of the driver, not the space between the front of the driver and the ear drum. (I'm guessing the vent leaves the back of shell somewhere, but I don't see it.) Outside sound would have to go through the back of the driver to get to the eardrum. So, maybe this is an indication that it would be good at blocking outside sound? Dunno.

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