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DX90. 2X Sabre,1st page: Downloads, info&inst. . ! Lurker0 FW Mod link 1st page !!. .NEW FW! 2.3.0 . . . . .

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Dec 27, 2013.
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  1. xcfs
    I had skipped 2 for observation of responsing human purposes, sorry.
    6) According to the recomendations of ESS, double dac wouldn't give any perfomance feedback, considering architecture specifics of sabre. But the way to reach perfectly low crosstalk which could be really noticable is to enable Balanced output, at least for lineout, so why did iBasso didn't do that? I can't understand.
  2. ropie
    really curious about question number 2............[​IMG]
  3. Paul - iBasso
    We are working on a FW release for the DX90 and DX50. I don't have a date but it is an active update.
    iBasso Stay updated on iBasso at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  4. hakuzen

    that's great, thanks!
    hope it includes stable DAC feature in DX90..
  5. b1e1n1ni
    Paul, please add support for SACD ISO.
  6. Lurker0
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  7. Fabi
    Thanks Lurker, will try it :)
  8. kevindiu

    Thank, i have installed this version and will report any bugs found in this frameware, thank.
  9. rmoody

    I look forward to your report.
    Honestly, if it would stop cutting off the last long of an directory, I'd call it a win.
  10. Lurker0
    It does not, because I don't have the source code and can't fix bugs. Read the disclaimer of my firmware builds. Actually, when I was listening it yesterday before publishing, the cut off happened twice.
  11. haens
    it would be nice to have this cleanup version for older fw, like for example for 2.1.5 maybe? [​IMG]
  12. Fabi
    Since day 1, I have used my DAP with 64gb Sandisk micro sd and I've never had cut off issues during playback so far [​IMG]
    A few days ago, I received a new Patriot 128gb micro sd and and tried it in my DAP, format to Fat32, rescan library and.. unfortunately I had some fadeout/cutoff/fadein issues during playback [​IMG] OMG
    Well maybe I left some files in my music files.. I only noticed 5 txt files I forgot to delete. OK. I deleted all files in the internal storage to be sure. OK
    >> Still some cut off during playback... I also thought that the micro sd was faulty but everything is okay after speed tests.
    Then today I tried everything I could
    - Clean all connectors [​IMG]
    - Change battery
    - Load old firmware then load new firmware properly with factory reset after deleting the update file in internal storage
    - Delete album_img files then manually rescan library
    - Turn off DAP, insert micro sd, turn on, manually rescan library, turn off
    >> Still cut off issues [​IMG], very disappointed
    Then after all this I did something maybe weird. I rescan library during playback and... it worked.. [​IMG] 
    I noticed no cut off for now. I will continue auditioning the upcoming days if it lasts.
    Well it's a pretty weird remedy but maybe it can help some owners if it works for you.
    Btw, Lurker's 2.4.0 L1 works with no problems, pretty cool to have the ultimate clean up, even though I can't tell if something has improved by now.. 
    I have a full Russian mod DX90, Migel mod + Lurker firmware and it rocks for what it is, a pocket friendly mid-range level DAP.
    Thank you guys[​IMG] 
  13. xnuthecaveman
    Thank you Lurker0 for the firmwares! Great job!
    Any chance you played around with the buffer length? iBasso set it at 1000ms starting 2.1.8, You originally set it at 200ms. 
    Maybe 1000ms is too long?
  14. Lurker0
    No. It can be even more. It depends on how the buffer is handled in the software.
  15. Happytalk
    I am still cool with 2.2.0. Any reason to change? That's still the warmest signature, right? Pretty happy with the sound. Don't need any more detail. I really like the speed and separation and bass clarity of 2.2.0. Haven't tried anything else, but every time I read about another firmware it seemed that they were all brighter than 2.2.0. I have let go of the DAC dreams for my MacBook Pro. I can use my emotiva if I really need to. So... Anyone compare 2.2.0 with the latest? Or with any of the other updates?
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