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Yup, this has been explained in the thread and is not a concern. DX90 HO and LO really are different, and it's actually nice to be able to attenuate the LO if using more sensitive HP/IEM out of your amp. The main downside is the DX90 dors t remember volume levels separately for HO and LO, so you have to remember to reset volume when switching back and forth so you don't blast your eardrums out!

Ouch it's blasted my eardrums yesterday when I forgot to lower down the volume which I connected to my amp......Damn!!! is really hurt~~
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Some time ago, I recall someone saying that the 2 Amp charger that comes with the iPad is great (and safe) for charging the DX90. 
I have a basic Android tablet that came with a 2 Amp charger and I'm wondering if it's safe/wise to use it to charge my DX90 as well.  Here is the info printed on the back of the charger itself:
Sunny Computer Technology Co., Ltd.
Switching Adapter
Model: SYS1448-1005-W2
Input: 100-240V-.5A MAX 50-60Hz
Output: +5V=2.0A
Output Power: 10W MAX.
Would this be acceptable for charging the DX90? 
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2 amps is fine or anything greater. The dx90 regulates what it needs to use.
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It will be as good as anything else. The DX90 will take what it needs to charge the battery. You could use a 10 amp converter and it wouldn't charge any faster than the 2 amp charger but it wouldn't hurt the DX90 either. I use a 2 amp and like the speed and there is no problem with heat.
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Thing will cost a bomb if it ever comes out

Even now the 128gb already cost a little bomb!!
A little bomb was 8MB (mega!) flash SSD for Psion Series 3x back in 1996 - $600. I limited myself to 4MB for $200, but since that I was paying $100 for a new top flash card, believing it's a fair price: 128MB MS Duo, 2GB MicroSD, 32GB MicroSDHC, now 128GB MicroSDXC :wink:
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Hi there all,
im owner of an DX90 for ~14 days now, purchased by eglobecentral, a seriously strange shop in Europe but everything works fine and the ibasso reached my place within 7 days (~300€).
I used the Ibasso with the following headphones for now. Shure 535, Bosse QC15 and standard Nokia Lumia 920 in ears which came with my older Lumia 920.
First, I must say that the sound is okay, but its almost similar to an 95€ used Lumia 820 - which offers the far better player interface (Windows Phone), in terms of responsiveness and over all handling. The DX90 behaves strange from time to time. Overall I would say it reacts quite fast, but it also tends to hang seconds from time to time.
Believe it or not, but the bundled in ears of the Lumia 920 head up with the Shure 535 in terms of soundquality. Listening to Pink Floyed - The Wall album in FLAC, im kinda disappointed of the DX90 + Shure 535 combo compared to a Lumia 820 with bundled in Ears, wired... :D - in addition the Win Phone EQ is far better than the ibassos (I disabled it for the ibasso usually as the SQ drops simply enabling its EQ in my mind)
Even if I do a complete zero on the EQ it looses pressure and clarity ... so strange...
Im missing some deeper bass and pressure on the lower end in the DX90 - which greatest advantage is the output power on headphones. The QC15 delivers the best pressure compared to all 3 headphones, even if its called not to have the best audio quality at its pricerange. (even if im not listening to drum and base, usually i listen to classic rock or the usual top100.)
All over, I prefer my my Canton + Denon Setting at home at higher volume. 
So far my impression. 
Edit: another advantage is the line out, which provides the ability to use 2 headphones with the DX90. I bought him as my gal is a singer (marcella-carin.de) and the DX90 is almost perfect to replace a standard CD player for the half-playbacks... with 3 hardware buttons |<<   |>   >>| ...  + Line out to use with her dual Bose L2 System.
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^ I didn't much like the DX90 before 200 hours burn in, after that it continued to get more refined  even past 500+ hours of use. Also you need the current Lurker firmware to really bring out reference level sound from the DX90.

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