DX50 Shuffle mode - not as good as Rockbox
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Feb 25, 2010
Hi all,
I'm just wondering what people's views are on the DX50's shuffle mode? Since I have 128gb+ of files on my player I tend to use shuffle more than listening to whole albums etc.
I wonder how the algorithm works. It certainly doesn't seem to be as good as the Rockbox shuffle. By this I mean that it tends to repeat tracks quite often and when turning the DX50 on and selecting All Music with shuffle I find that it presents the same set of tracks initially. It also seems to pick the same artists and misses others. I can understand this in terms of the fact that I may have a ton more tracks by one artist that another but surely someone can code a bit more of an intelligent shuffle algorithm so that it doesn't select the same track in the same session, doesn't play the same artists consecutively etc. Also, this is a minor niggle, when I'm skipping through tracks and I accidentally skip a track I'd like I can't use the back button to get back to select it. On Rockbox you could o_O.
It'd would be nice if iBasso could maybe look at revising this in a later FW update (although I guess that may be wishful thinking).
I'm going to drop them a line anyway.
EDIT: Sorry. Realised I created a new thread when I actually mean to reply to DX50 firmware thread. Could this please be moved?
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Mar 7, 2003
I noticed mine was playing the same 20 songs on my internal memory where the artist's name began with a number or the letter A

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