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DX50 a new smaller DAP from iBasso. Spec. page 1. Impressions start on page. . .

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Apr 24, 2013.
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  1. turokrocks
    Welcome to our community....Please feel free to ask any question about your venture in this wonderful world.....
    Hide your wallet......[​IMG]...
  2. tenedosian
    guys, take my predictions with a grain of salt but i guess there are some that we can already guess about dx50 : 
    - it shouldn't be a competition for dx100 (ibasso wouldn't want dx100 sales to suffer from companies another dap)
    so logically below would be my humble predictions for dx50 : 
    - dx100 will be superior in sound, amplifying options and unique with it's android os.
    - dx50 most probably will not have an ess chip but rather have a wm8740 as dac section and would sound similar to fiio x3 (or a tad bit better overall).
    - it's price would be at around 300 $.
    these are my personal predictions and they will be tested in two weeks i hope so :)
  3. lin0003
    I don't think that a DAP that size will be able to compete with the DX100. I do hope that it has a WM8740 DAC. Then, maybe it will be competition to the AK100. I hope that it is around $300 but I think that it will be priced around the AK100 and directly compete against it.
  4. Mimouille
    If is funny how people want to guess stuff and give some insights about iBasso's strategy while we have no clue.
  5. kenz
    Guess a little speculation is fine [​IMG]
    Then again iBasso has a big challenge ahead since the DX100 has raised everyone's expectations.
  6. DigitalFreak

    Meh, nobody knows and we're bored. It's sometimes fun bringing out the crystal ball and throwing out all the hopes and dreams and seeing what sticks to the wall. If the DX100 didn't have such abysmal battery life I probably would have bit. Here's hoping this little DAP sports 15 plus hours of juice and owns anything on the market as far as driving IEM's are concerned.
    You guys think iBasso will go with a proprietary OS this time around or still stick with Android?
  7. Mimouille

    Ok then. So I think the DX50 will read vynils and cassettes, and in terms of digital format, only rm (Real Audio Format). I think the UI will be eye activated like on the Samsung S4.
  8. audionewbi
    I hope Proprietary OS, most folks on head-fi who purchase devices care about the music experience than what apps they can run on their devices or watch video. I really was mad when sony decided to increase their walkman size and focus on a tablet like walkman than a small great sounding walkman. 
  9. DigitalFreak

    Good start, I predict it will wash my car once a week and will have a DNA recognition  feature meaning it will auto scan your DNA sequence when you first touch it and from there on in only you will be able to use it.

    In all seriousness though the 4 big hopes on my end is ALAC support, gapless, fluid UI, decent battery life. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the number 1 hope is it sounds crazy good with my IEM's.
  10. greenmac
    Interested to learn more ........
  11. pOOB73
    Having worked for a large mobile phone company and being involved in the NPI process it was always funny to read what forums, blogs and "trustworthy" news sites came up with in comparison to the real upcoming product.:)
  12. tenedosian
    actually guys i am not using "crystal ball" or something else, unless you use "fortunetelling" interchangeably with "logic" in your daily lives. and one should not be nostradamus or sherlock to foresee that this dap - assuming that is it affordable as stated - will not contain an ess chip or something virtually at this level. so the second choice to these is to utilize the mainstream dac of wm8740 which is cheap, well-performing with relatively efficient power consumption. it can also be seen that ibasso is no stranger to this dac, using it in some of it's amps.
    according to my estimations, things may only change if ibasso finds a better and more efificient solution (which i also may wish so) to develop an affordable dap than utilizing from the mainstream and highly popular wm8740 in this particular market. you just have to wait for two weeks to see my above claims to be tested. not long.
  13. smallcaps
    I would wait for this over the AK100 if it had dual sdcards and optical out. If it doesn't have these features then it's no-contest against the AK100, IMHO.
  14. jamato8 Contributor
    I don't see that having dual ports or one is an issue. I don't know what it will have but the DX100 has one slot and frankly with a 62gb card, there is more than enough as it is so easy to change out cards. I use 2 in the AK100 but tend to just use one or the other card so if the AK100 used just one card, that would be no big deal.
  15. zzffnn
    Dual full-size SD slots would be nice to have (microSD is still too expensive). I have three completely-filled 64GB microSD cards and swap them, but I can barely remember which album is on which card. With dual card slot, it would be possible to take 3-4 cards and remember where each album is.
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