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DX50 a new smaller DAP from iBasso. Spec. page 1. Impressions start on page. . .

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Apr 24, 2013.
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  1. bimadz
    I hope I can replace my clip+ with this player.. Hope it pairs well with my jh16
  2. Mython Contributor
    Hmmm.... let's not be too quick to write-off the abilities of the X3. We only have the early impressions of 2 reviewers, thus far (ClieOS and a Chinese forum reviewer). I suspect that the X3 may yet prove to be excellent value for money and punch above its weight, in terms of SQ. Not uber high-end, but better than its price.
    See above comment, and, of course, as others have noted, there is also the X5 due out by years end:
    Yes, finally, things are actually heating-up in the mid-high-end sector of the DAP marketplace. We've all seen this coming, over the past 18 months or so, but it's finally starting to become an actual reality, with real physical products, rather than just concepts.
    Of course, it's a double-edged sword for those of us with limited finances, since we don't want to save for a DAP only to find it is old news within 6months (or less!), hahah.
    I'm really keen to see what the iBasso DX50 and the Fiio X5 bring to the party, and I hope Fang is watching (and sweating) because the HM-901 release has been an utter fiasco (though I do give him some credit for producing a player which is said to sound at least as good as the DX100). Maybe this will encourage HifiMan to up their game and compete with something in between the 602 and the 901..? [​IMG]
    Without knowing what hardware they have under the hood of the DX50, we're all guessing, but my guess is that iBasso wouldn't go to all the effort of bringing this thing to market unless it offers a worthwhile chunk of what the DX100 does, SQ-wise. After all, the DX100 has been a great success for iBasso.
    I reckon $475 - $575
    When I saw the picture of the DX50, I immediately thought that, although the design of the buttons is a bit crude, they have definitely listened to the criticisms of the DX100 being uncontrollable without taking it out of one's pocket each time (which gets very irritating after a while). This design flaw of the DX100 may have been due to the use of Android, I don't know. However, the DX100 is now competing with the HM-901, which does have hardware control buttons. So, the DX50 may be an attempt to do more than one thing:
    ~ It may be a response to all the DAPs (of various price points) which offer the hardware control buttons missing from the DX100
    ~ It may be an indicator of a possible design direction for the eventual successor to the DX100, which, surely, must include manual hardware control buttons(?)
    ~ It may be a way to reassert authority over potential competitors like the AK100, which have sought to undermine the authority of the DX100 as a viable high-SQ DAP for pocket usage.
    ~ It may be a response to the Fiio X5 (it's very difficult to keep secrets, and it wouldn't surprise me if iBasso 'predicted' (cough!) the development of the X5).
    I agree with every word you said.
    I really hope they don't put wifi on the DX50...
    Dreaming of SSD?  LOL!  Nice idea...  but I'd be quite happy with 128-256gb, courtesy of SD cards (preferably fullsize SD, rather than MicroSD, since this would allow use of both sizes, with a standard MicroSD=>SD adapter). DUAL SD slots would be a great implementation, and iBasso know this would be well-received by the marketplace.
  3. Mython Contributor
    Forgot to mention that BATTERY LIFE will be key to the success of the DX50.
    Hope you're listening, iBasso!
    No matter how good the SQ,   Battery life really does matter
  4. nelamvr6
    Very interesting...
    Though I'll probably keep my DX100 anyway.  Inertia is strong with me! [​IMG]
  5. Sorensiim
    Depends on how you use it. I'm perfectly happy with the 6-7 hours of playback I get from my DX100 as I use it at my desk most of the time and never more than two hours away from a power outlet at a time. With the DX50 being more pocket friendly, they might go for better battery life though.

    I asked Ibasso for more info and this is what they said:

  6. RAFA
    If it is DX50/DX100 * DXPrice => then I will buy one for sure.
  7. davidcotton
    Promising, lets just hope it does gapless (why does no apart from apple get this?).
  8. jamato8 Contributor
    I would imagine gapless is something that would be worked on. There are enough requests for it in general and my DX100 does very well now so I would imagine there is a learning curve being taken from that.
  9. the wizard of oz
    No reason why it wouldn't, since the DX100 handles gap-less.
  10. ChrisSC
    Oh, and ibasso, if you're reading this, please no popping on/off sound!  Terrible with sensitive IEMs [​IMG]
  11. Jazzyfi
  12. lin0003
    I doubt that the DX50 will be as good as the DX100, but the DX100 is a pain to carry around. 
  13. AmberOzL
    To me, biggest disadvantage of DX100 is battery life. I hope they will improve it with this one.
  14. lin0003
    I have the HDP-R10, the Japanese version and the battery is stated to last for 10 hours, but I find that I often get 12. Battery life is not that much of a concern. 
  15. AmberOzL
    I don't know if I am dreaming or not but maybe 14 15 hours of FLAC playing could be really nice. 
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