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DX50 a new smaller DAP from iBasso. Spec. page 1. Impressions start on page. . .

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Apr 24, 2013.
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  1. LarsHP
    This really looks appealing to me except for the onboard capacity. Why on earth only 8GB? If it had 64GB I would seriously be interested, but the small onboard capacity combined with MicroSD turns me off. 128GB MicroSD cards are not yet available and will cost a fortune when they are. I can understand that they choose MicroSD for size, but onboard memory of only 8GB? This really is a turn off for me. The only thing that could heal it would be a really fast scanning time which would make changing cards easy and quick.
  2. AlanYWM
    Not sure if it has been mention here but the DX50 uses a compatible battery as the Samsung S3. That is quite cool [​IMG]
  3. goodvibes
    Scan times should be fast since the card spec is for actual sdxc. You won't need to reformat your 64bit cards or worry about some of the faster ones that don't work with sdhc players. 128gb cards will com out costly but like every other capacity introduced, will come down quickly enough. I think everyone would like more but the SOC they use may already come with that 8gb and it's not a killer for an expandable player. Adding more may have increase size and cost.
  4. smallcaps
    Let's hope the low internal memory count will be reflected in the price. I don't mind the capacity if the player is exceptionally inexpensive when compared to other offerings.
  5. fearwhat
    Definitely! But i still think the price won't be too low, however, remains in the "affordable" range.[​IMG]
  6. LarsHP
    You are right about the SDXC format. I forgot that it reads those higher speed cards.
    When reading a fully loaded 64GB MircoSD card it's going to take some time if the DAP isn't spec'ed for SDXC cards, but since it reads these cards it may be quite a bit faster than DX100 (and maybe also the HM-801).
    Well - hmmm ... I will be following this thread for a while then! 
    I am actually considering the upcoming HM-901, and this would be a much cheaper contender. I don't expect it to sound as good as the HM-901, but the size is a big plus.
  7. goodvibes
    I'm right with you.
  8. Afterparty

    Quoted for truth
    Size/ weight is super important, for me at least.
    Great price would be an icing on the cake if it's portable + great sound
    72gb is not that shabby either :)
  9. uchihaitachi
    I think, the DX50 is going to be better than the HM901 given hm's track record and also considering there is no sonic compromise compared to the DX100. 
  10. jamato8 Contributor
    It will have USB charging. 
  11. DigitalFreak
    Any info on the OS capabilities or the amp section?
  12. Niyologist
    Oh man. So much to chose from. DX50, X3 or the X5?
  13. Sorensiim
    Yet another win for the DX50!
    Holy HELL I am so tempted to get one and they haven't even told us the price yet. Looking very much forward to reviews...
  14. LarsHP
    You forgot AK100 (w/o mod) :wink:
  15. AmberOzL
    For the ones who wants more capacity, FiiO X5 will have dual microsd card slots. Just sayin' [​IMG]
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