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DX50 a new smaller DAP from iBasso. Spec. page 1. Impressions start on page. . .

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Apr 24, 2013.
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  1. k1zuna
    sorry for sounding noob, but where are you guys getting the updates from?
  2. turokrocks
    Probably emailing ibasso......
  3. AmberOzL
    I hope basic drag and drop would work fine and we don't have to use some extra programs. I hate itunes and pretty much every program works like that.
  4. OddJobs
    from Ibasso web site.
  5. Sorensiim

    All decent music players support drag & drop. You'd have to be a total dork to buy a DAP that requires proprietary software just to load music to it! Really seems rather silly!
  6. Sorensiim
    Now all we need is a price and a release date!!
  7. CraftyClown
    The only thing that disapoints me is the fact it has only one micro sd slot, as the highest capacity card available right now is 64gig. Other than that, seems great :)
  8. OddJobs
    I like that I would be able to carry an extra charged battery to double play time if battery is easy to change that is.
  9. thegunner100
    And output power, unless the "Built-in 9V voltage swing headphone AMP" is relevent?
  10. Greed
    I'm liking the choice of a stepped digital volume control. Should suit CIEM/IEMs much better than so of the other products I've used. Also, the three gain settings should be interesting... this thing might have the power to feed some full-sized cans as well? That would be nice to have, although not sure how many of us would utilize it. 
  11. waynes world
    Yup. That is great.
    True, but 128G (and greater) microSD cards will become available, and prices will keep coming down. I'm glad that it supports up to 2T (although I'll never be able to afford a 2T card lol!).
  12. CraftyClown
    Indeed, but when will they become available? We've been waiting a couple of years now and still now word of when we might see such a beast.
    I can't image how many decades it will be before we see a 2tb card!!  [​IMG]
  13. AmberOzL
    Battery factor is killing indeed, I really liked it. You can carry second one with you and change whenever you need. Also microsd thing, maybe like most Tera Player users do, have a few cards with you and use them depends on what you want to listen to.
    Every ciem/iem comes with a nice carrying case, I am almost sure there is enough space for a spare battery and a few extra microsd card slots.
    1 question about gain switch and amp section. I am not a tech guy so it is kind of a french to me. Do these specs mean it will function 'perfectly' with pretty much every ciem/iem in the market?
    For example like very low impedance new coming Shure SE846 and high impedance like Tzar350 (350 impedance) or SE 5 way (133 impedance)?
    I would like to learn it from the guys who knows way much more than I do [​IMG]
  14. jamato8 Contributor
    It should work fine with most any IEM and a number of sensitive head phones. I like using the SD micro cards, though I didn't think I would at first. I have 3 64gb and 4 32gb cards. They are all specialized and I like having my music on external cards rather than all internal as it makes switching to something else so easy. I have one card with just all hi resolution 24/88 to 24/192 FLAC and WAV. The removable battery will be nice. 
  15. TekeRugburn
    pairs dimension wise nicely with the headstage arrow.
    i think this will replace my ck4
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