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DX220 A new view to your music. * Latest Firmware: 1.15.233 Local * Link for User Guide 1st Page. AMP9 Now available! And DC01.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Jan 23, 2019.
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  1. ThomasHK
    Can you give a step by step breakdown?
  2. Whitigir
    I just did this and it worked !!

    1/ open up ApkPure

    2/ Search Google Playstore

    3/ Install

    4/ Open up Google Playstore and Sign in with your account

    5/ Use google store like it was meant to be

    Now I can enjoy my PowerAmp again.
  3. jamato8 Contributor
    That is what the app from APK gives you, the play store.
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  4. singleended5863
    I have updated my music streaming app in DX200TI through APK directly which works pretty good and didn’t go through Google play.
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  5. bahamot
    You can do that without lurker's addon?:astonished:
  6. fokta
    Yeah.. I was surprised also...

    so can install UAPP without Lurker0?
  7. MaxD
    I just did a total reset to 1.12, then upgraded to 1.15.233 and did this and it worked too.

    I suspect once you have run Lurker once and registers your device (DX220) with google you nolonger need lurker to run the playstore.
    fokta likes this.
  8. Christoph
    I could check if this theory is true, because i never installed the Lurker0 firmware at my DX220.
    Running the latest firmware 1.15.233 it also gives me the option to install the Google Playstore in ApkPure. So it is not related to Lurker0 or registring your device in the Playstore previously before.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2019
    fokta likes this.
  9. MaxD
    Interesting, Perhaps the latest firmware had something extra in it to help make the pay store work. Ether way it is cool. I have a few purchased apps I wanted to install too.
  10. Whitigir
    Yeah! I have always used Stock Firmware
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  11. flarex3
    Many people think that AMP8 is the best module. I am planning to buy DX220+ AMP8 and 4.4mm cable/adapter for all of my headphones and simply use everything with my DX228. Is this a good idea ?
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  12. arijitroy2
    That's exactly what I have been doing. I don't even bother changing amps now, but we're waiting on the AMP8ex, currently I have another AMP8Ex.
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  13. Whitigir
    That is also exactly what I have been doing too! And I am also waiting on my Fan-Edition Amp8EX as well!

    I do think Amp8 is the best due to how powerful it is. The Amp9 is excellent as well but only if you use IEMS and ok with low-gain
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  14. ehjie

    NO hiss from the 229. Gain; Low [dac stage], gain; Low [amp9 stage], v.70. With this setting, 229 w/ its latest update could easily reach 8 hours playback time...
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  15. PocketClouds
    Have Android OS an equalizer inside? I think I can’t use third parts software like Spotify into Mango OS right?
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