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DX220 A new view to your music. * Latest Firmware: 1.15.233 Local * Link for User Guide 1st Page. AMP9 Now available! And DC01.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Jan 23, 2019.
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  1. Whitigir
    yeah! I love DSD512 when properly processed by excellent algorithms, for example HQplayerPro...even DSD256 sounds so good on this combination DX228EX
  2. edwardsean
    Whit, I've been using DSD512 exclusively because of the discussion on DSD that was on this thread a while back. Back then it seemed like you actually needed to push it to 512 to get the real benefits of DSD.

    Do you feel like that with algorithms as good as the ones in HQPP there is not that much difference between 256 and 512?
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  3. Whitigir

    That is what I am observing by far, the DSD512 and DSD256 are pretty good. Of course the DSD512 is still better but with HQPlayerPro, the gap can be closer. However, I would still go with DSD512 for on the desk listening, and DSD256 on the go as it generates less heats and still is superior to PCM straight out from DX220

    Processing all of those into DSD is too much works though
  4. flarex3
    What about the comparision between M11 Pro and DX220 ? Specifically M11 Pro's 4.4 mm output vs the DX228
  5. fokta
    IMHO... M11 pro will a pair match AMp1Mk2, based on my short impression...
    U may need to try, since the sound sig is different, And for me, still prefer DX220 for my pairing...
    Prob because M11 pro / Fiio DAP hiss in my pairing...
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  6. artpiggo

    Ibasso dx220 will have 128gb variance only sale in china.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
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  7. Whitigir
    Oh No!! Not fair!

    just kidding, I never used the 64Gb that I have internally, I don’t care lol!
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  8. artpiggo
    Sure thing. But I am not sure if there is change on amp1 mk2 or not. Still cant read chinese in the comparison table.
  9. fokta
    Well ure right, not using a lot on internal memory, just reserve for update, Offline Streaming file, and some song for Demo purpose... Not more then 5 Gb...
  10. gto88
    +1, adding 64GB internally doesn't add much value for my usage.
  11. Shawnb
    +1 more internal storage is a waste for me.
  12. Carlsan
    DX228 has a fuller richer sound. M11pro has a slightly brighter sound. Both players have similar extension. Both players are good, but I prefer the DX228.
    As for response, the M11pro is slightly faster, but not so much more that it is a deal breaker. I do like it for having the three inputs, and it is lighter and a tad smaller.
    I tend to use both players on a day to day basis, more so than my other portables. I usually go for the DX229, unless I'm using earphones without a 4.4 plug (and without a handy adapter).
    I use the Neutron music player on both players. To my ears it just sounds better, and it is certainly easy enough to use.
    Also, it should be mentioned, that Amazon HD music doesn't play on the M11pro, unless one starts up a high resolution file with another player.
    The DX228 has no issues with playing Amazon music.
    On the other hand, the DX228 goes through battery juice like a drunken sailor on shore leave. Not a problem for me as I use my player at work, at a desk, with access to USB power.

    Really, both players are TOTL players from their respective manufacturers. To me, the DX228 is one level above the M11pro, but it's not night and day, and the difference is small. The M11Pro is a bargain for it's going price, but it can be argued that same can be said of the more expensive DX228,

    ... and NO, I have no problems with response time and sluggishness with either player.
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  13. loplop
    All ears hear a bit differently. My take is that M11 Pro is the warmer DAP, with a bit more richness and body added through the midrange, particularly. It is softer on transients, which ratchets up this impression of warmth. I find the M11 Pro the opposite of some mid to high end DAPs that seem to edge-enhance transients and make things a bit more “hi-fi” than the recording really is.

    I actually like M11 Pro a lot, but IMO DX220 is on a bit higher level: it is more transparent, has more detail, is quieter, and has more authority with over-ear headphones. I also like that the amps can be changed to tweak synergy for each earphone/headphone.

    I’m fine with the speed of both, although the M11 Pro is snappier so multitaskers may like that. The screen on the M11 Pro feels huge but isn’t as color accurate as DX220, in particular having a bit of a red shift. You get used to it.

    M11 Pro wins if you just want to listen to music, not fret about “better”, have headphones with 3.5,2.5, and 4.4 (that is so great about M11 Pro), and want what is the best deal in DAPs (although I haven’t heard DX160!).

    For your extra money with DX220 you get the amp swapping capability, with quite a few really good choices from IBasso (although I want a class A module now that Cayin has done it!!), and you get the sense listening to the DX220 that it’s grabbing absolutely everything off the bits in your music file, and serving it up in a very organic, natural way.
  14. maskapl
    Hi guys.
    I've jumped from dx207 to dx227, and yes, sound is big improvement. Sound is so laid back and detailed. I really like Mango app in Android mode vs Mango OS. Sound wise is opposite. Sadly Mango Os is missing quite few Mango app features. Is any of you have similar experience, even with new firmware? ( yes, I've read through this tread, and notice about it with older firmware) . Is it possible to share playlist between Mango app and Mango Os, this really would be nice feature.
    Also, do you think the production on the back of unit might be blocking heat transmission little bit, and making player warmer than without?
  15. Whitigir
    Guys, may I toss in a slice of bread ?
    DX220 is a player that can accommodate Swappable Amp modules.

    So, usually when people call out Dx220, that means it is with stock Amp1 MKII module

    When people call out DX228, that means DX220 with Optional Amp8 module. The Amp8 by itself is already more fluid and powerful module Vs the stock Amp1 MKII

    so you both hear differences is pretty obvious

    Does M11Pro take Amp module ?
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